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Hello everybody and welcome to absurd hypotheticals, the show where we overthink dumb questions, so you don't have to I'm your host markets leaner and I'm joined here today by Chris, Ye and Ben Storms say hi guys. Hey, I'm Chris Ham. Ben Guys were on the other side. We are in triple fragging digits episode one on one. We did that last episode though. He ready made it to triple digits. Yeah, but we had other things to talk about. That was actually the now. Triple digits is the exciting thing until we hit quadruple digits, okay? Even two hundred like Oh we just did another hundred like it's the same accomplishment again. It's still pretty impressive. This is podcasting one one. You get to be excited about one on one I figured someone who's GonNa that joke eventually. Really because I just thought about did not expect it. I thought of it and then decided not to say it. At, least I'm surprised. Oh Oh my gosh. Yeah that a good we'll just keep that in the in the file for whenever we need it. Degree or Chris Going WHOA. Whoa I'm always a motive, so we're going to save it for Chris Whoa Okay Gosh. I never say Gosh. Well, it might be your new thing. That's my career is now. You're hundred and one to when I nine episode countries. We need something to put on. The T shirts Gosh. Gosh. Every time every time. We say a number that has no context like. That sounds exciting because the big number, but you have no idea how old the number is like Gosh. That'll be. That'll be our code for that analogy. Look, we're improving the podcast in the podcast. itself made so many improvements in the first hundred, and this is our one improvement in the second hundred on unheard podcasting technology. Right here it's called life editing and we're. We have a patent several back off. Hopefully! There's some actual edited during this this whole secrets right here so anyway, really they are. We'll get your patents ready. Because today we are going to be improving bowling because our question is. How would you improve bowling? I guess I'll start with. You guys laughing at me, yes. We are so the way I like to approach these improving sports questions that we do is to really like. Go Down, or what's fun about the sport in the first place and then just highlight that. So, I imagine if you ask someone who bowls for real as a hobby, or you know semi, professional or professional, the answer is going to be something about like developing the technical skill, puzzling her to get tricky spares. Stuff like so much nonsense like that. That's not where the fun of Bowling is. They've missed the point all of them. We really boil it down to its core. Bowling is about it just being fun to chuck a big hardball at a bunch of stuff and have it fall down near fall fast. Pin Go down. You know it's much. Look if you think about the real like. The way. It clicked for me was the difference between hitting a strike? Will you throw the ball really slow when the throw the ball really fast. Wake when you throw like a regular slow amateur speed, and you get a strike, it's exciting and look over and like someone wings down That's awesome. So my first instinct was to just replace the pins with a much more elaborate Django type tower. That was really fun to watch. But I don't think that's quite threat fun, either because you do want to try a little bit. You don't just be like a a video of watching Jenga tower fall down. So what I wanted I was interesting things to knock down. And it got me thinking about one of the real life. You know quote Unquote Sports that I've been really wanting to try. If it was anywhere close and I am talking about top golf. Have you guys heard of top golf? I have heard of top golf. There's actually a Taco F- location near where my like family in Florida lives. We almost gone to several times. I thought you're going to say your office. It ought where. Floors Kinda far away. My First Instance of hearing Topkov Utah me about top golf a minute ago and meeting, not knowing and not saying anything about it. So top golf is a kind of. It's not a sport, but new activity thing that you can do and basically what it is. It's effectively a driving range, so you go out there. You have golf balls. You hit him with golf clubs, but instead of hitting the ball into a field. There's all these like big targets set up like in the grass and the cool thing about it is that all the balls have little GPS chips in them see hit the ball out there and it lands on the target, and you know you hit the blue target near the middle, and it'll like you know the GPS tracks. It gets you that many points so really what you have is like A. Like, a Sh-, mortgage board of things to Gaul at all going to go for the far target, because it's more points, I'm GonNa go for that one and that one. This one that one and that's really cool and what's Nice about it too that it actually makes a little bit more like going out bowling, because instead of just going out to A. Out On lawn next lined up next to country. Bunch of people you actually do usually have like a semi private room where you have a little bit seating table. Sometimes there's food and drink service and see the place to hang out like you do with bowling. And then you got so, it's already working its way towards bowling so I think it's a neat idea, but since it's absurd, hypothetical I think there's any reason we can't just repurpose it and take it about four steps too far along the way. So the first thing, and this might be more personal choice, but the first thing to do is change the ball. If you guys have played a candle pin bowling or a similar bowling variation that uses the small bowling ball instead of the big full size. You know typical Americana Bowling Ball. You're out if you haven't tried the small one because it is so much more fun to throw that thing, it's really really hard fast. It definitely is like a sixteen pound ball, or even like a twelve pound ball I can pick it up and I can throw it, but like I can't. Get a I've never happy with him on a fight. Again I actually prefer the big ball, but I can see why. You'd like this small, ball. Because I'm small weak. D Do you know what the maximum weight? A Kennel pinball is by the way because. I don't know I two pounds seven ounces as opposed to the like minimum. What like ten on a regular bowling ball? It's just enough half. It's got heft, but it's not handy exactly. Feels waiting until this chuck it..

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