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M. six any meanwhile yesterday we we told about a Montgomery County police officer who was shot and killed officer Thomas bomb on top of a parking garage in Silver Spring is the acting police chief from Marcus Jones describing the incident we do not believe at this time there is an immediate threat to public safety if facts present themselves they change they give us the belief that there is some danger to public safety we will update the public immediately so there's a lot of speculation just I heard from a lot of law enforcement officers all for years saying that this doesn't add up it looks like this may be a suicide well now the Montgomery County medical examiner has ruled this police officer has a died as a result of a self inflicted injury police had originally treated bombers the of the homicide officers were searching for a suspect and is that the county police chief markers Jones so they were looking at all options early they found shot Monday on the top level of the parking garage he was on patrol around nine AM we reported seeing disorderly subjects the officers found bomb on the top floor the only located at his farm no one else and I imagine they will do ballistics does build very you know the the the gunpowder residue things about major don't know if there was a long nose laughter anything else will give more about her later and by the end of week as like a mechanic police department is going to continue investigating his death but he apparently was wearing his body worn camera but it had not been activated so that might be another signal but again that's what the rolling now and this on Mars saying that this is remarkably similar to detective John suitor and and what happened there and and Baltimore several years ago meanwhile the a man charged with road rage shooting of a two year old Roger von that Johnson is now being held without bail solely sailor star to get things right but the the sad that it takes eighty two year old to be shot for a judge to go okay maybe this guy is dangerous in fact the judge in the case so here's a quote a tremendous risk to the alleged victim and a public safety that's judge Katie or her on that so you've been charged with attempted murder solvers and gun related charges as we told you yesterday a criminal record as a fairly like the one including US secretary child abuse are going to resolve possession of deadly weapon with intent to injure and the reason why he never went to jail on that one this was placed on the stat or the inactive a docket because of a reluctant witness early on his Johnson twelve year old step son told police that the Johnson and his mother physically abused him the boy was had been beaten with a black metal pole court of nice people these are really a nice contributors to society czar Bridget since most of the warmer state's attorney's office wrote in a statement that in the two thousand eighteen case of witnesses uncooperative witness made the case difficult to prosecute quoting the previous case involving Mister Jim on Johnson the witness recanted original accusation was unwilling to cooperate forcing our office to proceed with them the legal guidelines in twenty fifteen Johns was charged convicted of second degree assault he was as the four years in prison no word on how much of any he did on that and recently this year the father of his girlfriend fall of peace order seeking protection from J. von Johnson so not a of a proud of standing and contributing member of society and hopefully will be locked up for a long time to come after course he gets his due process five four ten W. CVM six eighty one eight hundred W. CBM sixty eight if you want to join the conversation what about the Democrat debate last night did you watch it who do you think one thing now the front runner who do you think if any has a chance against president trump let's see Daddy Bose's Sean president trump gets reelected Democrats lose down ticket hello she loses speakership some of the squad lose reelection third Scotus judges placed on the court can taxpayers live happily ever after the and from your lips to god's ears and barb says the big surprise in twenty twenty will be the new Republicans will be swept into office Democrats have overplayed their hand well we'll see and of course it right now just about everybody let's say a Molly Carter's on fog saying that the Democrats the Democrats gave the debate last night at sea and the GOP and independence give it a D. so not a good debate for the Democrats last night I'd still to come we have new information on the Ford or worse police officer who was white who was shot inside the home of a black woman on a routine welfare check and killed her he has not been the resigned that he was charged with murder there are new details now coming out on that case and we'll share those with you in just a moment as well don't get bill Reilly will be later on this morning is blue book is called the United States of trump and we'll get is our thoughts on what's happening right now with the of the coup attempt and the the Democrat opposition and much much more possible announcement about his radio future here of course in Baltimore it's a five forty four sixteen minutes.

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