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So we weren't planning on making the green new deal a weekly thing on this show, unless something big happens. But then this video of Senator Dianne Feinstein dropped over the weekend where she appears to be lecturing climate protesting kids, and it set off a chain reaction of outrage. The social media fervor has since died down. But some really interesting journalism was left in its wake the whole affair highlighted the crazy upheaval in climate politics. So we're going to tackle some of those bigger questions raised then what could be more scintillating than Michael Cohen testifying to congress. How about a lawyer representing a secret of utility group that spent millions to fight air pollution rules now sitting as the country's air pollution authority. We're going to invite Zach Coleman a reporter for politico onto the second half of the show to talk about the ties he uncovered what do they tell us about the state of? Lobbying ethics and utility power in the nation's capital. I just want to let my co hosts know that I'm recording this encounter. I've got fifteen kids in tow. The clip will be edited later you've been warned. Katherine Hamilton is the chair of thirty eight nor solutions, she's there in Washington DC, good morning, Catherine morning, jigger Shah's, the president of generate capital. He is in Bethesda, Maryland just outside d c good morning, sir. Good morning. It is a wonderful day to talk politics before we do that a quick reminder. We have a live show coming up on April fourth at the MIT energy conference in Cambridge Massachusetts will jigger wear his puffy vest jigger, you're gonna wear your puffy vest. I think I'm expected to where my puffy vest at this point. We'll Katherine try to control me and jigger from fist-fighting, Catherine. I of course, I always I I represent that role. So what will power grids look like in twenty forty. That's the topic that they're covering at the conference. If we're going to minimize energy, poverty and global warming and transformed grids and developed countries, what should those electricity systems? Look like that is what the MIT energy conference is going deep on. And we are going to go deep as well. On April, fourth the conferences on April fourth and fifth. We are on the fourth. We're going to be some time.

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