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Matai it usually takes to move something cross. From that insight Spro, one of the biggest companies in the world today, employing over three hundred thousand people three hundred thousand. A team that powers businesses of all sizes and the occasional giant venture. We needed to find a partner that could transport the giant pandas from China to Canada also needed a partner that can shift, the bamboo which will be coming from the Memphis region. There's not many partners out there that can do all of that were very pleased that FedEx stepped up. Fedex did more than just step up. They emblazoned giant panda airplane and called it the panda express, when something absolutely positively has to get there. You call FedEx. But this idea may never have gotten off the ground. But for a family of entrepreneurs, but for a little old war Colby, at Phnom and but for a visionary young man. Fred smith. Frit Smith was born in nineteen forty four in marks Mississippi, a tiny town of about two thousand people. Do we the mighty Mississippi River? Fred's grandfather, captain James Buchanan, Smith was a master of steamboats along that river and the Ohio river, moving people and cargo up and down stream Fred's, father, James Frederick. Smith, also went by Fred. Realized that the rivers of water, connecting people, then would soon give way to rivers of asphalt and concrete. And so he began selling trucks in nearby Memphis for the John t Fisher Motor Company, one of the very first Chrysler, Sanchis nineteen twenty five Fred's father took a truck that his boss had given replaced its cargo area with seating for twelve and begin ferrymen material around would begin as a one man motor coach company turned into a twenty five car company by the second year. And by the end of the third year he had sixty coaches Fred's father, sold the company to greyhound in nineteen thirty one more than a dozen years before Fred was born, but before yo-, Fred could dream up ways to continue the family tradition of transportation, he had some other challenges. He had a rare childhood bone disease causing our rightous of the hip, which forced him to use crutches and watch sports from the sidelines his early. Years. Fred outgrew, the disease by the age of ten and became an excellent football player, even learned how to fly airplanes, as a fifteen year old. Over coming, so many obstacles, without one of the most important figures avoids life. And when we come back, more on the life of Fred Smith, the company he founded FedEx. It's a classic.

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