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Tomorrow night at eight in riverside park for free screening a federal love a documentary about new york philharmonic the oldest and cat rescuers dorian reds get more info on the summer on the hudson movie series at nycgov parks dot org news all the time we must give us twenty two minutes we'll do you the world good afternoon seventy eight degrees it is one forty on this thursday june twenty second i'm susan richard and here's what's happening president trump is tweeting again about whether there are any james comey tapes will tell you what he's saying senate republicans release their version of a bill to repeal and replace the affordable care act an argument leads to a slashing on a number six trained in the bronx and the diocese of brooklyn announces financial compensation for victims of clergy sex abuse had wins accu weather sunshine mixing with some clouds today the high eighty five with the shadow in backtoback games when they close out their series against the angels the mets try to avoid being swept the finish out their series in la the nba draft takes place tonight in brooklyn bloomberg larry qazi stock prices still narrowly hired the dow pegging of twenty three points nasdaq up the team wins news time one forty one traffic and transit on the lines of here's great rise we've got some trouble in queens zoos susan this report is sponsored by jersey mike's served a useful expressway getting out towards the area of main street there is some construction work in a wide landed slows down from lorries avenue if you are not in a truck eastbound grand central the way to go through queens instead van wijk heavy to queens boulevard south down to atlantic avenue and we go to nassau county where we see the westbound long island expressway very crowded from before the area of jericho turnpike two willis avenue westbound northern state parkway again if you're not a truck that's the way to go here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels ten of fifteen battle the inbound george tan over all the lincoln holland ten and twenty to thirty from the varik street or the west side highway crowded bronx penalty rfk both ways on the neck and whitestone bridges and now this message want want to walk in trip from jersey mike's in pepsi south jersey mike's today to enter dope purchase necessary sweepstakes ends august fourteen see official rules pepsi.

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