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Channel explores as everybody does everybody have the thing or my becoming guy. Like when we when we bought our house was in the middle of the summer. It was one hundred ten degrees out and the guy we bought the house from seconds eighties sitting wearing a coat and wearing a sweater. So I don't know if as you get older, that's your thin gets your skin gets thinner. And and then you just want the heat. I remember that thinking please don't let that pay me. This is pre nine eleven we're going up to Napa for my wife's best friends wedding. We're running late because that's who we are. And it is pouring rain. So we get to the motel were soaking wet. We go in. We don't have much time. My wife does the shower order, I'll go, and I know shower, then you go you get to go. First of all that we lay our suitcases on the bed and she says oh. That's not my case. And we open the case up, and it has in it. Are you ready? A long black leather duster a bolo tie. A warn pair of shoes and a loaded gun in the shoes. I didn't want to say to her that my first observation was wow. Who wears a long leather duster a volatile worn shoes and a gun. A murderer somebody who's out to murder somebody and we have his bag and when he finds out we're dead. What are we what are you doing here? So this is how amazing it is pre nine eleven it. You don't remember what it's like walking people on the planes and people not being frisked and not essay, I call the airline. And they're okay, we'll try and find your bag and come and get that I said, but there's a loaded gun in the guy shoe nothing else is in there. There's not do brushes sky was traveling up to here to take somebody out. So the guy knocks on her door half an hour later from the airline. My wife is going out of her mind because it's her best friend found her bag says or gimme this one. I'm holding the gun up. Like, it's the plague in a handed to him. He goes. Okay. Thanks and leaves like it was like it was a loaf of bread. But again in a nine nine eleven world guy taken a gun onto a plane loaded in shoe with no safety on. I guess it was not a big deal..

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