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And she was all say i mean she is cpaps fleming mp peter fullfigure but she was told to lease 15 pounds in two weeks and do so say tucked tolder say this word on air at any time of the day but she was perfectly let's say desirable bring again that word oath so reese witherspoon she typing speaking ounce oscar winner of coups since she says she was sexually assaulted by a director when she was sixteen and instead so come out said a big event the bas in hollywood in at the el women in hollywood events in los angeles and it's just i think it is just really taken in life god we picture you have to shed more everyone is taking the courage to stand up and speak out not just about harvey weinstein he tells deny some of these allegations against him but it's it's so say the hashtag isn't there meet him an ice said absolutely filling my social media pages is just absolutely like a tip over an icepack isn't it matt in front of you this this just made me laugh yesterday this is the news that we've been waiting for apparently finally got com confirmation that the royal baby is going to arrive in april and the polls to win this to nine months pregnant so we wanna do that the bbc present as simon mccoy oh he's very draw is these often very dry he was obviously told in his ap's myse director brightness knees break this needs and he was clearly very kind of hey sarcastic about this event now bearing in mind that they announced that she was pregnant back in september and he will still that she was around zero three months pregnant i'm not really sure how much knees this radion is but anyway if nine but thank nato diaries getting a time picked up against as well i'm i'm going to be how would the back page and finally rachel this is in this is in the.

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