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Clock somewhere and that somewheres here on this. Has been at night other than the cocktails. Yeah. I'm thinking maybe this passes out at six for sure. That's how long do you think? They're at Kokoma. He said take slow. So we'll get there fast. But then we'll take it. They're only there briefly because there isn't a revolution of the indigenous Kokomo people. They rise up and sort of overthrow the white oppressors that have been running. Fucking. That's the third the third versus where hiding. I want to catch a but. Get. Okay. You feel like we drifted right over. We'll get there fast. Yeah. Because he's flying private because he's ridges. Fuck just imagine like we're driving. We are not stopping. We'll get there. Yeah. When we get there hunting again the fucking cards at twenty. Give us shit. Okay. I'm gonna make you come and go. Let's go come Kono. It's not there. Come cocoa cocoa. No come come coup. That's really weird. Your dick what's something fucked? That's cocoa. Not come on a guerilla notion language gonna come on come on Robin Williams best friend, CoCo. Imagine what happens when count chocula has sex. Yeah. Come cocoa. Cocoa. Pebbles are CoCo milk. Both my cereal. One out of time a kidney stones for the fuck and count chocula. Five different Dracula references. At the two bloody ropes. Is a word play on the relationship. So maybe take it also there and he's just go to grossly finger banger. Slows down again. Maybe we'll get there fast. We'll get to a relationship status sixty. We just hold hands sixty nine. Yeah. International skies. Crazy the ground though, you better you better have both climax. Yes. Yeah. I ask you customs. How are your balls? I declare I. Everyone in the airport. Stands. Welcome to Port-au-Prince. Would you like to catch a glimpse? My. I don't know what the fuck he doesn't. I don't know. Exactly something about I'm positive. He's not like, let's check out the city hall. I don't know what it is. But it's not. The trees are still like he's kind of. Like a beach going on and also will pop over and gets real culture culture. So rich here. Throught the colors. All favorite cultures. Haiti has different colours like they don't exist in America. If I'm basing this solely off of the posters that I've seen of Haiti. Yeah. Okay. I think they have like Morong. They should've cover that. Arcade. Fire. What else did he say? Did he say knows a little Kokomo this? That's the last. I. Great sex solo love solo not long enough. The perfect length because of this song. I'm like if this was any longer. I would just be like what speed this up. Well, also, the song is only like three minutes and fifteen seconds or something like super short. There's no place for a sex Kokomo. There's one thing. I know it's crazy that it is a sexy of all the things you can go like more island vibe in almost any direction. This is where the steel. Yeah. Like a reggae guitar or like a horn section. There's so many things they could have done that. We're not bucking saxophone. But. Everybody wanted him should have been a referendum which should have been like fucking really lean into like surf guitar like dick, Dale. We are still the beach boys. Don't forget down, by the beach. Now, why am I doing?.

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