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SEC, should recuse himself from voting on future crypto enforcement cases, against their recently made claims that all crypto assets besides Bitcoin are securities, where promoters trying to bypass U.S. regulators and investors expecting profits. Now, the lawyer sites that the case versus antonion versus SEC is arguing for against those future recusals, crypto lawyer PSA, chairman gensler, has again proclaimed that every crypto accept BTC is an unregistered security. He now must rescue himself from voting on any enforcement case that raises that issue since he has a pre judge outcome. Now, in the case, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th circuit found the principles of due process to apply to administrative adjudications, a fair trial and a fair tribunal is a basic requirement for due process, fairness, of course, requires an absence of actual bias in the trial of cases not only in a fair proceeding to be required, but also justice must satisfy the appearance of justice. Now the SEC launched this lawsuit against ripple back in December of 2020, almost three years ago, a legend in San Francisco payments company sold XRP in the beginning as an unregistered security for years, the case remains in federal court, and its outcome could have a significant impact on the future of the crypto sector, especially in the U.S. last month, ripple CEO Brad garlinghouse said in agreement with the SEC was not on the table how do you think this is likely to play out? And do you think that gensler can get banned from this case and remove from his position as the head of the SEC due to the obvious him being biased on this judgment? Let me know your thoughts in the comments right down below. And with that being shared, now let's dive into this crash warning from top analysts and then we'll dive into a bullish $200,000 Bitcoin price prediction. Here we go. Crypto trader who actually called the 2018 Bitcoin bottom expects Bitcoin asset to fall in the near term synonymous analyst smart contractor tells us 200,000 Twitter followers, Bitcoin can drop to a lower high amid waning momentum, quitting him here, momentum waning and distribution probably underway on BTC, expecting a slow choppy grind up to the 24,000 mark, and ultimately another lower high, go touch some grass. Don't fall into the trap of long in every hourly reversal candle expecting a big move and based on his chart, which you can see here by the crypto analyst. He believes Bitcoin can drop just above 20,000 after completing a three wave cracked of pattern that began late last month. This is according to Elliot wave theory, the main trend of an asset's price moves in a 5 wave pattern while the correction occurs in a three wave pattern as outline right here. Now check it smart contractors also expressing their sentiment

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