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Wearing mega hat, but that's the only evidence, right? Is that the the people calling them Nazis is just because they're wearing the hat. That's all they have. They didn't actually say anything Nazi. They're wearing maga- hats and their white. So put two and two together to together. I mean, come on, man. And they were confronted don't hate them. Therefore, we are not as well. Now. Well, I hate them. But not enough. Yeah. That's the problem. I don't hate them enough. Then then you're still a naughty or Nazi sympathizer, which is just kind of silly. And so basically, you have the right defending these kids at every turn every possible way they can. And you have people on the left who have now backed off of their narrative saying, okay, maybe they didn't say build the wall. But they still what they represent what they represent. I mean, what what do they represent digging and kept digging and they're like, oh look at black face, and we'll actually black is one of their school colors, and they were at a game and just like other students their entire body and the school colors, and I saw the painted their entire body and the school colors. We I did the same thing at literacy city high school I was painted black and orange right? I saw that picture and the caption was well, this certainly isn't going to set well for the. Yeah. School children Covington schoolchildren put on a minstrel show. And I'm like, no that didn't happen. There's no. Either. So. They just like they want it. They'd already invested in the narrative. Right. And it's like, okay. Well, then these kids have to be evil, and like, we can't you can't say oops. We got it wrong. I'm sorry. Because that would be mature. Well, no because that would be apologizing to rich white kids. They are the ultimate like we should be burning their houses down and stealing their stuff because they exist. Right. I get where you're coming from. I just you know, I I wanted to and I didn't I didn't say anything about this. I just wanted to understand what happened. I saw the clip. Yeah. That was like it. Didn't look really good cutter says in the article, what am I thinking here? Oh, yeah. It's twenty nineteen everybody in the world has video on their phone, and they're going to be recording this stuff too. And it took me maybe an hour to before somebody else posted a link to an almost two hour long things in our forty five minutes. It was the video that the black. Eight relies had put up and the next video. I found somebody had basically recorded things from a different angle. And that's what we what we see. Now. A news stories as you have the shot from the main camera. Right. You know, the one that made the story, and then you get the one from the other angle and another one was he was showing one of the black Hebrew Israelites haranguing. Another kid. Not the kid that we're talking about not the smirking white boy that we should all fear. But he was talking to another student saying, you know, you guys just need to go back to Europe. The problem was and you know, we it was something about we've been here before and so on and so on and you have no right to be here. And the kid goes, no, no, wait a minute. What about the land bridge? We all came from Africa. I'm paraphrasing the kid, but that's pretty damn close to what he said. He's like we all came from Africa. We all right. And we know this scientifically now that we all came from guy, and he's saying this, and he's pointing off at the black Hebrew Israelites. And he's talking to one of them right there. He's like, that's that's just Bs. Oh, yeah. I've I've actually had native American activists. Now, tell me that the land bridge is a myth that it didn't really happen. Right. It's been proven that. It's not real. And they they were that that basically, I'm prejudice. And believes that only. Abraham MC religions are true and their traditions are true. And they were created from the earth by the sky spirit or whatever their tradition is. And I'm prejudice. Because I believe that my religion is true. And there's isn't what what is the benefit to them for not believing in the land bridge is the idea that they wanna feel like they migrate dare religious traditions say that they were created there and given the land and the land belongs to them is a gift from their gods Israel with the Jews, and that's not to say that every native American believes that no just like, I've only had one attack me. Actually right there a dedicated race activists. I mean like that's what they do. Like, they get outraged about stuff, and that's that's a big difference in whether.

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