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Support for this npr podcast in the following message come from simon schuster publisher of principles by ray dallaglio a new york times number one bestseller an amazon business book of the year in hardcover and audio book this holiday season give perspective inside of a sweater live from npr news in washington i'm louise schiavone activists to erica garner has died following a heart attack earlier this month that left her with brain damage as npr's laura walmsley reports the 27yearold entered the public eye after the death of her father eric garner eric garner became a prominent activist after new york city police officer put her father in a chokehold in july 2014 eric garner is last words i can't breathe became a rallying cry for black lives matter and erica became one of the movement's leaders should begin staging dieins twice a week on the staten island sidewalk where her father had his fatal encounter with police but in an interview with democracy now garner wondered after two years of leading protests how much progress had been made through the black lives matter movement been very compassionate patient in basically begging the nation we are on their tag as black people we are being gunned down every day in these offices not be held accountable this was garner second art attack the first came after she gave birth to a son in august laurel wamsley npr news another arctic blast is moving across the country this weekend and all the experts savior venturing outside dress in multiple layers several new year's eve events have been cancelled but the iconic time square ball drop is still on and burlington vermont brooke taber with the national weather service says this stretch of cold weather will extend for as long as two weeks wedin group.

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