Russian Government, United States, Security Services discussed on Anderson Cooper 360 - Reports: Attorney General Sessions offered to resign; NYT: Comey told Sessions he didn't want to be alone with Trump; Sources tell CNN: Comey to testify he never told Trump he was not under investigation


Is it believed that the russian government is behind this well it's it's not yet clear whether the us has tracked the hackers in the counter incident two russian criminal organisations or to the russian security services that are blamed for the us election heck's one official told me that based on past intelligence quote not much happens in that country without the blessing of the russian government no today president trump was tweeting criticism of qatar that mirrors that that we hear from the saudis and from others in the region in his tweet president trump didn't mention the hack but he voiced support for the regional blockade of cutter and he cited cutters funding of terrorist groups by the way the countries have rejected those accusations and i should mention anderson that the fbi and cia declined to comment for the story the cutter government did issue a statement the reason part the hacking of the cutter news agencies an aggressive coordinated crime the represents a continuous escalation in the campaign against qatar these malicious efforts to undermine cutters reputation do not support the unity of the region to fight terrorism instability and conflict energy and if fbi agents were looking at this in may the president nine states must have been aware no well it's not clear heavy he didn't really refer to the to the hacking in his tweets it's not clear what he has been briefed on and we know according to the country's this investigation is still ongoing they hope that they're gonna be able to discuss some of the findings anderson in the next week or so that's one of the reasons why they brought the fbi and art pros appreciate reporting joining me now seen a national security analyst and former cia senior officer steve hall steve so either rushing criminal organisations a russian security services would be behind something like this which seems more likely given what you know about both.

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