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Corona virus New York city's first death was reported this morning a woman in her eighties who already had emphysema overnight a bipartisan show of support in the house for a coronavirus response built CBS's Ben Tracy bad bill does call for free testing for any American that needs one of the White House says that it's going to unveil a new website as soon as tomorrow that will actually screen for who should be tested but at this point the president still can't say when any American who needs a test can get one the bill also requires employers to provide two weeks of paid sick time for workers who had to stay home due to the virus on top of that up to ten weeks of family and medical leave it two thirds pay rate subject to fine print all of it aimed at protecting hourly workers who might stand to lose income if they are members of their family come down with the virus employers would be reimbursed by the federal government through tax credits the bill now moves to the Senate for action next week overnight the White House released a letter from the president's doctor saying he need not be tested for corona virus despite recently being in contact with two Brazilians who tested positive his physicians as Mr trump isn't showing any symptoms the Pentagon now says no one who's been overseas in the past fourteen days is allowed inside the building there's been a run on grocery stores many establishments are closing but as CBS's but Michigan reports it's hard to stop the fun seekers the state of Illinois and city of Chicago have banned all events involving more than one thousand people and events of two hundred fifty or more are strongly discouraged but some pub crawls this weekend are still on the books it is your bar crawl and we think probably better maybe just as stay at someone's house you know for the majority of the day and then go to maybe one or two bars I'm going to go I'm worried about my parents and grandparents potentially in other older family was getting sick more.

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