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Of six straight games and the only 11 of them. He was starting to see some fatigue with this team. And so right around the first part of April, they dialed back the number of practices they were doing now. They were also that trade deadline was the second week in April. They were adding players and subtracting so You're taking practice time away. You're changing personnel, so they're not getting a The amount of time that they normally would get to get assimilated into a new team. But he was doing this to keep his team's his team fresh. It was kind of a fine line to walk. Here's Collison on that topic. We have backed off the practices a lot here in the second half, and just because of China, trying to keep guys fresh. I think that's hurt us. Ah, lot. I don't know if there was another way to go As far as you know, we felt like we needed more rest, but I think we This group needs practice as well. So we're trying to get in as much as we can. Brian Jeremy feels that That practice that High tempo. Work ethic approach that he asked for in practice shows up in games and that's what he saw. The first half of the season. Didn't see it is much. That was the question. You asked the top. Have you seen it lately? And I think the two go hand in hand a little bit. But that's something this team's gonna have to figure out because when you look at their success against the teams that are above them in the standings, that's where they struggled. Only one win against the Lightning on Lee one win against the Panthers to one against the Predators to against the Panthers and two against the Hurricanes. They've got six wins against the wings and the Blue Jackets, two teams. That are below them in the stands, So you know that's that's an area they're going to need to pick fix. Because if you look at those teams, those teams are bigger. They're built. I'm gonna ask it too sharp to do in this current NHL is The size matter to size matter is that why we're seeing the Hawks struggle against bigger teams? Is it because they lack some of that? That size to get to the front of the net. To be able to hold position when they're defending from your vantage point. Do you feel like that's a factor? I think it's definitely a factor to be interesting to hear what Sharpie has to say. And if he agrees that it is how do you go about fixing that? So? I mean, it's great that they extended Riley. You know, they did trade deadline bring in some bigger bodies. And the orchestra, Miz, you know, supposedly putting on weight and it's gonna be a bigger player once he gets over here next year, So there's some help on the way, But is it enough and Is it enough to, you know, finish games We We've talked about throughout this year on the hockey show How many times they've been trailing in games? How long they've been trailing in games, the uphill slog and how much it takes out of you. But even the other night once you get At last minute goal or the last period goal, finishing the job. I mean that that's when skill comes in, and do they have enough skill? It's great to break it, and can you know what's going to get from them? Um, beyond that, I don't know. If you have guys you can count on each and every night or you can expect X number of points each and every season. So our Twitter poll question right now up on our ESPN hockey show Page. Assuming the Blackhawks fall short of the playoffs this season was Success encouraging a tease or disappointment. Encouraging is leading right now at 48% teas and disappointment are tied at 24% on Lee 4% said. Successful. I told you about some of the tweets that we've seen. As of late from this team. One of them is putting Alex to brink it. And Kirby dock together on the penalty kill. And you know, those are obviously too offensive minded guys to break it, of course, has a 200 ft game that he's really enhanced over the last couple of years. Jerry Collinson says he's the best player away from the park on the team as far as winning battles and 50 fifty's s o. You put those two together with some offensive upside on your penalty kill and you're going to get Some short handed opportunities like we saw the other night. I think they have free short handed opportunities. Here's Collison on the plan to put cat and dock together on the penalty kill. They've done it kind of really good job, you know, throughout their getting used to it, there's still Some reeds and things that they got a sort of s o. You know, primarily the goal is to keep the puck out of our net on the penalty kill, but the fact they can generate chances going the other way they're gonna break through and score. But it's also what keeps the other the opposition, honest. And you know if I like What that adds 13 special teams is an area that you would say Power play wise, the ranking. Was there pretty much Most of the season. They've been AH, top 10 team that for a long time they were top three. Most of the season. It has come back down to Earth as of late, and I think a lot of that Brian is Playing the same teams over and over. They knowing your tendencies, I saw an adjustment from the opposition off how they attack the Blackhawks Power play. I think Some of their lack of success is because of the knowledge that the opposition has in the fact that they played him so many times. Yeah, and you know, when you look at the penalty penalty kill, I'm I grew with you the on the power play it. It goes from 36% shocking the entire league and shocking us quite frankly, down to 27%. And somewhere in the middle, hopefully is the sweet spot because you couldn't live with 30 32% the P K. I don't know that It's been a long time. If ever that I've seen a team that is so streaky on penalty kills where you can look awful for a week and a half and then kill off 17, including including majors, right, right. So I'm not sure what group that's gonna be. It's good to see that Jeremy College in his staff have been tinkering with it, and again that they've had a multi test this entire season right and his heart of hearts. I don't know that Jeremy Colton thought they were going to be in the second of playoff conversation for as long as the team was So now you're chasing the character at the end of the stick and trying to get postseason And you're also just doing what you would have done anyway. To rebuild if the team wasn't good enough Tiuna sniff of the postseason, right? So I think they've been doing a terrific job and he's been very consistent. His approach and You know, it's good..

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