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No had you do you do so. Well this is bill. How you're saying. I think the most important thing you're saying here that pepe the pig nosed pepe from salt pepper is because of the pig is a music icon. Yes lindsey. that is the most important thing. But i'm saying maybe the most important thing i've ever said. Yeah i think so all right. Do you agree as i. I agree i agree. Hi lindsay bobby. Curious dense someone mentioned. Was the town on a call and i'm watching. She's not much seems like now like what she ever them seems like she could have been. Now she's definitely who but what she question i love carson don's near and dear to my heart. She was absolutely of them. But she's a who now. We'll that's what's so hard is like i feel like this is where my brain breaks and yours do too. Because we have the same exact like steadfast. Like coach. Important person francis. So it's like. Oh kirsten dunst of course that'll be she'll be of to me for like ever like she was in some of my favorite movies of all time and i will always think of her and think of them and see her as a big star but actually contractually now. She really is kind of who. Yeah and she keeps getting these like buzzy roles that don't go anywhere you know right like the mlm show which was actually not so bad but didn't really click it was also on showtime didn't really like cair fargo season like didn't give her an emmy you know got it got her husband. Nobody thinks she's kate upton like she disappeared like she. I think having been a child star. I think like sunk into normal life and was like yeah like i'm fine. I don't need this fame. Furrow while she was like the opinion of like a fashion girl she was like dr tame us essentially and like her aesthetic was like popular and now hermetic is less popular. Because it's just we'd culture has moved on. Yes and she's not the epitome of like what we you know what a fashion brand would go to sell clothes with. Necessarily some do some certainly do but she. Does you know what i mean. Yeah oh i know. And she's not quite cia. Internet chum level. Julia stiles like why was. This actor kicked out of hollywood. Let's he's also not internet chom level in terms of natalie portman and garden state. Where you have these like these characters that are kind of like the aesthetic is so kind of iconic that even a younger generation like knows about it. even though the movie wasn't even that good or they haven't even seen it. You know she she really her. I'm thinking about like roles of hers. And i'm like which are the ones that stand the test of time even though to me again iconic marie-antoinette which timberlake video has no interest in marie-antoinette actually would be the one that steps like the big dress with sneak with the cons like that picture of her younger to me seems very like it could be a could be a in. It could be in the photo down piano. She's i mean millennial she's very important to me. She's extremely important to me. But i'm still to call. It was important to me two of my favorite photos of all time have to do with jake. Jilin halzack salad. he's eating salads. he's eating salad. They're eating salad and she's like eating salad and he looks miserable and she's using tower and the other photo where reese witherspoon looks quite drunk and yelling at a photographer while jake is like in the passenger seat telling her to calm down like i love those folks really has been. He really is a massive part of culture. A stinky part of culture. Lindsey bobby in july twenty nineteen eighty. Kim ordered a all crust. Pizza to reports is jada. A who or them i think in the ninety is like two thousand early to a know what yours today. I don't know that would have been a them. Their current host french jedi also on the new album. That's like not out yet or like like is out like you said it had a million features like I think jay kiss made a big enough of an impact that he it will. Let's just do it one two three them. I do think that jacob is them but the real question is is his pizza order. Who were them off psychotic crowd. Pizza order is so funny. Well it was. You know the place he posted its cuts and slices which is like this really great pizza place and is order is only with that. Did you notice. They had to like spicy. Pepperonis made all or whatever spicy pepper. You know what i mean. Yeah that was funny at the time. But how about this jacobs pizza order. Who were them one. Two three who furnished low for sure. But it's like chris showing. Hey bobby meeting time I just got done with friends. And i had an arnold palmer and i'm curious on palmer. The person or the drink which ones is feels like arnold palmer. The drink is definitely them. But arnold palmer the person who crunch crunch tape lesbians on palmer. He saying the drink is of them. But who which one is them ears so the drink one. Two three them hager. I sure the athlete one two three them. no. I think he's a them. He's like one of the most famous golfers who's not tiger. I know but he's too old at this point. I still think very famous to me. I know i think he is in general anyways. I think that the drink is more positive more famous than the man at this point a no. I think the drink is absolutely them. And i think it over took him to the point that like we're forgetting what the drink is based on. No you think people forget what the drink is. Based i think for sure. I think i think most people who order an arnold palmer ordering arnold palmer just knowing that it's lemonade and iced tea without knowing why or who it's named after he's dead. He's been dead like five years to greet districts we can we can. We can disagree disagree all right. Thank you for listening to their episode of. Who's there are with the call in show. Keep calling in at six one nine who them to leave questions comments concerns. We may player colin peter episode spur some poetry on dot com slash weekly for bonus episodes in all sorts of other content special things. Thank you to katie eric..

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