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And if you the tpr department let me give you a little vice just don't lie you'll let me just say we weren't aware of his motivation or whatever we don't themselves has nothing to do with the fact that the owner called nfl players inmates running a prison but let's move on june let's celebrate halloween let's enjoy this there've been some excellent costumes so far that we've seen from the world of sports really pit some of those up against each other as we celebrate this halloween evening first we have horror movie costumes we have steph curry who rolled up on a bike with the jigsaw theme playing from a speaker dressed up as jigsaw excellent horror movie consume and then not to be outdone by the warriors yet again lebron james had this very very very high production value pennywise get up going the best thing about his pennywise custom of course was that he did not have to changes hair line to put the reagan are the brana had putin got steph erlabrunn in the face off of the horror movies i really liked both for them and also follow bra dole sleep on he just talked about being a cheap recently so i think it's a play off of that also i like steph because i was scared i like steps to because if one thing about how we customs i've learned over the years is all about the accessories and he had a bike it's always nice to have like a mode of transportation brought into it the hair look great and the fact that he went out of his way to have the sought theme on repeats plank from a speaker that brought not just the visual it brought the audio element to the whole thing production value multi sensory i'm giving this the step is well let's move on this is the couple's cost to always a good idea to have a couple of costume how did you got dressed up as power this year now next we didn't dress up at all i'm not surprised well here we have a couple of the did dress up as milli vanilli my favorite power couple gabrielle union its way way they had a choreographed dance they had to outfits they had the grammys they had the braves that everything going and we also have this little get up of russell westbrook and nick collison dressing up as the famed oooo.

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