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Eight Monday so at least we're done with these really cool temperatures for a little bit we will get you a full check of the forecast from the fox six weather experts coming up we got a big show lots to talk about we're gonna have to more chances at the word at the cash contest this apparently is the last day for this so let's give us a winner before we end this I got to ask about the hatred for school choice we got to talk about stop and frisk it really does work hi Linda once calls you text your tweets because the show is is always better when you were part of it the accurate mortgage talking tax line is four one four seven nine nine eleven thirty that works for calls that works for texts you can find me on Twitter I'm at yeah right eleven thirty it's no relation to robin yeah I can't hit the curve ball I stopped at about the fifth grade but find me on Twitter hit me up on the act that mortgage talking tax line as I say all the time the show is better when you are part of it I got some bad news for a lot of you guys you were dead man walking did you give your wife for valentines day gift this morning did you make sure that you told her before you left the house not just Babel love yeah but happy Valentine's day did you leave her a cute little note on the bathroom mirror happy Valentine's day bad more to come this this evening this afternoon not do you're in trouble I I don't make the rules guys I just know what they are been married for years are you know what the rules are and if your plan is to stop at home tonight on the way back from work hit up the wall greens are the picking save or the quick trip the quick trip has flowers in you are toast you're not gonna be able to walk in the door if you like all right there what time is it Valentine rooms no you need to start that at six o'clock in the morning I told you at six o'clock in the morning this morning to make sure you wish your some guys are dead man walking now my wife said we're not celebrating Valentine's day she did she did you like I I don't I don't want to celebrate Valentine's day and of course my reaction was this is a trap is it is did this is this one of these ones were you tell me you don't want to celebrate Valentine's day and I don't show up with flowers and you're like with fine I guess not the kicker the kicker here guys because I know you think I'm awesome she wants now the kicker is she expects truck with some Valentine's and flowers and need to be sued Sweden sapping in nice and watch chick flicks every other day of the year it's like the Superbowl Sunday opening day the start of college football on Valentine's day those are the four days that I know that I don't have to be romantic the rest of the time she stared at me from across the hall be like meeting in in so good luck tonight as you get home I do want to talk about actually something that that is relatively break I in this this story broke what about an hour to a going that the feds are not gonna charge Andrew Cape McCabe was lying for investigators about leaks when he was at the justice department they took a look at the case in while there is overwhelming evidence that Andrew McCabe lied there will be no replications no one should be surprised by this this this was clear from the get go this is what happens this is why every time I look to Washington DC every time I look to state government whether it's in Madison or down in Illinois in in Michigan or what whatever six pick your favorite fifty states of corruption every time I look at big government it reminds me more and more of the mafia for years I always used the the line from good fellas F. you pay me once you make a deal with government unions it's F. you pay me house house got burned down tough luck slowing business don't care tax revenues not there F. you pay me the other line that comes to mind when I think about the McCabe story is the bid for this sort of midway through good fellas we really out of it at the Henry hill characters talking to his wife and she's all upset because somebody went to prison it's always a Karen nobody goes to prison unless they want to it's incredibly it do you politically incorrect now the term that he uses for who goes to prison but he says stick up men go to prison they get high they forget about the get away car they leave if they get arrested the next day nobody who is high up in the government goes to prison Hillary Clinton had classified emails on a server that she bought at Best Buy nobody who is that Jews stop in government goes to prison only the pitons get in trouble only the low level hangers on the people who aren't in the circle the other breaking story this afternoon Michael automatic creepy porn star lawyer he was just convicted of all the counts in his shake down scheme he was gonna try and shake down Nike kids that's a good idea because Nike is just some sort of run of the mill neighborhood sporting goods store that you can throw a brick through the window and they're going through who will pay you the production money any McCabe was never going to go to press he was never going to go to prison because at the top of government it is is rotten as you can get peace overt red state the talks about how McCabe won't face charges there's a tweet in there from a guy drew McCoy says remember kids if you wanna lied to the FBI it is important that you work for the FBI otherwise you're gonna get in big trouble compare the McCabe case to the Michael Flynn case there's much more evidence the McCabe broke the law there's much more evidence to McCabe knew that he was breaking the law intended to break the law yeah his punishment nothing and why because the people in the swamp protect their own the people in the swamp protect their own at the expense of everybody else I cannot mortgage talking text lines for one four seven nine nine eleven thirty shows better when you were part of its please be a part of it just a reminder we do have a cold hard cash were coming up at four and at five today so do you wait a little bit we'll get it to you I'm probably not gonna do it right at the top of the hour we we had a winner who it was it on Belling show or was it on Vicki show who who picked up the word about halfway through it was Vicky show who she she missed the word at the top of the hour maybe she give you one of her little ins thing give me one of her little hints so we won't do it right at the top of the hour but we do have that coming up to times after this story we had this morning on the news that the plan to open the bars in the city of Milwaukee till four o'clock in the morning during the Democratic National Convention is going to become law it clear this hurdle that this whole fight between the tavern league and the supporters of the democratic convention is apparently over tavern league lost wedding Barnes we'll stay free for now which by the way is a composite is a great idea that the tavern speak of the mafia the tavern leagues ideas well you'd pay me why the pay me okay KV what am I supposed to pay we got the bars that are open till four o'clock in the morning we're still what five to ten thousand volunteers short and now this Kittles peace over to empower Wisconsin the Illinois Democratic Party machines earning it's well deserved reputation playing dirty in politics in conversation with politico little governor JD Pritzker said they're going to bust in vans full of people from Illinois to help with the invention vans van loads and busloads of Illinois what left wing activists will invade Wisconsin during the general election and during the convention are you ready for this the last time I was at the democratic convention was in Charlotte in I guess that would have been twelve and let me tell you it is easy I can't say that word it is a poop production I guess we can say that here three o'clock in the afternoon we can't say the other way we can't see the S. S. but we can say the P. P. so it is a pool production it is going to be a nightmare and I don't know the Milwaukee is ready I really don't know because downtown's relatively congested the the inner sanctum security is going to carve off a huge chunk of the city then all of the people because this is like spring break for political hacks and hangers on think about at least these guys these gals have been saving up for how long waiting for four years they're finally going to get them some Donald Trump and if it's not the NT four thugs were gonna run through the streets of the city of Milwaukee then it's going to be all of the that the hacks all of those who were just gonna get out and go and party their **** off now till four o'clock in the morning I don't think they're gonna be enough volunteers I know there aren't enough hotel rooms and yet people stand in Chicago you got people staying out Madison I thought about Airbnb in my place I did I got a couple of bedrooms Audi in Brooksville I mean we're we're a hop and a skip away from ninety four it do you could be on the interstate and in ten minutes from my place and then you know with traffic it's twenty five minutes downtown I'm sure that there's a bus stop somewhere a little bit down Brooke field are ordered to down blue mound where you can grab the bus and and ride that on in to the city I really did think about Airbnb in my place but one I'm gonna have to work and I'm gonna have to go down to the convention myself to cover the after mentioned action but I also don't know that I won a bunch of Democrats live in my house I did not only would not only would it be messages from the sense of Hey it's a hotel room to that they're coming down in there drinking all sorts of beer there are there's smoking all sorts of dope and you know it just all in my house would be a mess but then they would like go into the to the office and they'd see where I work and then they just be like nope rip smash punch kick is what what's what's the security deposit you charging an extra night an extra twelve hundred Bucks and they're sitting.

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