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Overstate as you know what is going to remain Lia the summer and lecturing and two of the major cities, of Romanian book arrest and Kluge too bad seven hundred and fifty people mostly on the young side in both cases because of Prager university and its impact in Romania to people responsible for my coming on the line. From Romania and let me tell you something these are two. Of the most, impressive people We have ever met and they're probably. A little embarrassed because I I know them Morrison and Daniel Salunke. And I have not spoken to you YouTube guy since we said goodbye in, Hungary so high Hi dennis Hello. Hello, Hello hey I I wanna. Know something how tired we you guys when you got back home in? In, Romania Not that. Much? Not? That. Much, we we talked about your. Visit over and over and we were doing the plan for the future And we were energized by your presence Well that's very sweet of you folks I just want you to understand They drove from clues to Budapest long drive the, not an easy drive they don't have interstate highways quite yet in Romania and they drove to make sure that I got to my hotel in Hungary drove. The, and then drove back at my. Because their wives wanted them back So anyway I just want you to know how touch beware album is would be in the studio here he says a warm Hello obviously so Hello all right they go one so so tell my listeners what. You're doing, with Prager. University, in. Romania So I don't, know should we begin begin with? Dish? What? Why why did you choose Prager you as a source of influence on? Romanians Okay now now that's a good time We we discovered you We discovered you talk with John, MacArthur on Larry King and we follow you after that on YouTube. And related for you, when we found Prager you'll video then seems. Then, we follow them Very frequently we have subscribers of. Prager u. n. we receive in our Email inbox every new video Right, and do you find that they are as relevant to you as even to an American So to to to continue answering your first question Understand and holding other to responding to understand the context we On one hand we ought to country that. Still Yeah Past the communist still having a very large influx in our. Politics so this is on one hand and we have the new. Socialism Which comes to social media. To them through the mainstream media CNN BBC MSNBC and so on Young to speak and understanding, very well with the captured by your message so out balanced generation are still, affected like social Now for And Forces than content and this is Came very handy mission, anyhow were affected What why did show many people show up inclusion and Bucharest it because of your, work spreading the word of? Prager you or how do you, explain it Yeah we, we we we have a platform here and we have with Easter you're organizing conference is what because maybe, fifty percents of the of the? People present there but at least Maybe fifty percents ler word from us but for the other fifty percent were were because of you influence on on the world and on the, eastern Europe also Keep in mind keep, in mind we. Had people coming from Germany, from Switzerland from from Hungary all over the country all. Right hold on a minute guys this, is this is very very powerful stuff it's a Prager you fundraising and this is a living example of the influence. Internationally Back in..

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