Dwight Howard, Danny Green, Seth Curry discussed on NBA Front Office w/ Keith Smith & Trevor Lane


Yeah. I mean, it could be they could work out like the Steph Curry thing where he kept getting injured the Warriors got him on a great contract and then he blew up and became a superstar and you've got him on this this contract. That is well below the valve job. That he provides and they were able to use that to help build out their team. So that's the ideal scenario. If you do an extension with with Jonathan Isaac, but again, that's that doesn't happen all the time. Obviously, that's pretty rare off. All right, let's the landing spot of two former Lakers. Danny Green and Dwight Howard. Now joining the Philadelphia 76ers who are bent quickly remade are Daryl Morey M. Wow, Doc Rivers coaching this team. They had Seth Curry. You you pick up Dwight you pick up Danny Green you pick up Tyrese Maxey and the draft you lose guys like Al Horford which way just about how bad that contract was last offseason and they're able to get rid of that one. A lot of moves here overall. I don't know if they're better talent wise, but I think the Sixers at least fit better on paper now. That's the important part. Yeah. This is now roster. It makes sense, you know Doyle and beat and Ben Simmons. You want to maximize your guys around them and I think Daryl Morey gave Doc Rivers a chance to have players who can change that. They can play line up side. Now now really work Danny Green and Seth Curry, I think will be on the floor a lot with Simmons NMB de Mayo maybe Tobias Harris, you know. Somebody else but they'll be out there live with those guys are create that floor spacing and give them that room to work. I know people got a little down on Danny Green cuz he had some struggles in the play-offs but he's been you know good for a very long time. What's not write him off yet in Korea is one of the best Shooters in the game. So yeah, they are really set up. Well, they're they added, you know with Dwight and then picking up Tony Bradley who played pretty good behind Rudy. Gobert this season that gives them the ability on those nights when Joell embiid sits, you can still get 48 quality Center minutes out of those two guys with Dwight and Bradley behind him..

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