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Yeah thanks, for? The confirmation A low energy Kevin begging. But it wasn't he a bicycle messenger who. Saw the movie. Nobody ever saw footloose come on Wow bicycle movie. I remember breaking. Away not not a lot of great songs, from, that, one and it. Can look this look it up I didn't. Break it away. Hap- some music Lewis was. The movie where he moved to the town Yeah but, they were putting on a. Time they wouldn't they condemn maybe I got it wrong Louis Kevin Kevin Kennon Lori singer right and they will be with Kevin. Bacon on a bicycle he's been. A lot of move I think you, had the other movie but that was the one where he. Was. That. With the okay okay dancing and is, totally lost Yes Quicksilver. Quicksilver Here's. A bicycle you. Got you got. The actor I know about. Kevin bacon No he moved to town and. They wouldn't have. Dances because, some. Kids got killed. And Lori singer and him Okay John Lithgow was, the which was the one where she pulls the chain and the water comes. Down We're seeing that one too No. He wasn't he wasn't it Kevin bacon Okay Did I get it? Right you got, it. Right. Okay Kevin? Bacon was an, animal. House Very briefly all right. Kevin go. With the traffic police. All right we'll do that traffic first is sponsored by. American metal roofs in the city ninety four eastbound barely moving from the Jeffries. To Van Dyke accident in Livonia that's on the left shoulder northbound seventy five, at six mile 75-northbound average speed no better than thirty square lake to joslin, road still that issue in Monroe debris in the center lane southbound seventy five past the. Erie exit toward. The state line that's exit five your home could earn you a big. Discount on an American metal Lou they need showcase OEMs that, they can feature in their ads but your.

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