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To lose. Give leonard a try. Today that is luna dot com slash upgrade and the promo code upgrade great twenty nineteen to love more sign up and make the most of that twenty dollars credit. Thank saloon edsel of this show and all every lamb it is time was hashtag. Ask upgrade questions from catherine with the iphone shipping before the iphone ten in twenty seventeen and the iphone tennis shipping shipping before the ten hour in two thousand eighteen which will ship. I this year the eleven on eleven pro. I think they'll ship at the same time. I think and this is going. It'll be the first time in years that they will ship at the same time on september twentieth <hes> because that would be the expectation. I mean because the i think the attention because they were struggling to make these are both not new models ryan the reason if if the common pattern and catherine prince two examples is there was a model that was basically an iteration of an existing model and then there was a brand new model this year as far as we can tell they're both iterations on existing models so they should be able to drop them at the same time but i did want to include this question because that's a fun little tidbit. Yeah i like that. It's a little logic problems like a can be released will be but it can't sit next to see so then who to see go to launch who's in who's in the trunk. Who's in the backseat on. Andrea says on a recent episode so jason mentioned a transcription of is he uses. I'm assuming this is fully conference. Calls from the courtney awnings must be which is it. It is cold trent t. r. I n. t. I haven named it is a terrible name trent trent. He's our friend. They're good dogs trent trent transcription description. This is how would you write trent. Does it do jones yes so what's great about it. Is there a lot of services and there are a lot of engines wins that will take audio files and turn them into text that it's this it's this speech to text transcription service and those varying quality and and they keep getting better and i even noticed just using trent the last couple of years trent that <hes> it's it keeps getting better but the best thing about it is they built this web app around it. That's a text editor where you can click at any point in the transcript and hear the audio from that point part and as it goes it highlights the words so i'm able to play the audio of the call while reading the transcript and editing it to be correct very easily easily that used to be really hard because you had like a file in itunes and i was playing it and pausing backing it up and all of that and you know text and text editor and that trent editor her trent present is is good because it puts it all together and it's the best one i've seen so this is your doing this off to the compost doing during yeah. I actually said audio hijack. I said audio hijack to split a new m._p. Three every seven minutes and i will upload seven minutes and then i will we'll transcribe that while the next seven minutes is recording and then when i'm done with mine i will upload the next m._p. Three and i go like that listening to cool live. I'm i'm not i'm listening to the call while on transcribing so everything's seven minutes behind well tweeted becomes about twenty five thirty minutes behind by the time i get to the end but yeah so when in your tweet tweeting dan moore and his tweeting right yes. Dan is listening live in tweeting things. I am not listening live but i'm transcribing behind little bit everyone that i know that does anything to do with the apple thing. I just feel so sorry for them because everybody's what he's cool. Runnings situation seems to be horrible if you're doing any type of reporting or anything burpee crane shots and i don't know i'll have to do is it got my.

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