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Is when a white male hailed a taxicab driven by twenty nine year. Old paul stein. The passenger would hail the taxi cab at the intersection of mason and gary streets. This is one block west of union square in san francisco. This is in the heart of the city. The passenger requesting to be taken to washington and maple streets and the presidio heights area. That's about a thirteen to fifteen minute drive. From the location of where. Paul stein picks up his passenger to wear. The passenger is requesting to be dropped off for reasons unknown. The taxicab did not stop at the requested destination instead. Paul stein drove one block past maple street to cherry street and you say well. How do we know that. The passenger requested to be dropped off where one block prior to wear the location where they do drop off. It's based off of the taxi cab drivers journal or log sheet for picking up the passenger at that location and where the passenger requested go. Now we know that it made the cab made it an additional block based off of eyewitness testimony right. The only reason why question this is is it possible that the zodiac said. Take me to this location. And the guy goes while. I don't know exactly where that's at. And he said well it's right by whatever and then that's what the key the cabdriver put into his log. that's interesting because it's always been pondered. Why go additional block and we can put in some Speculation as to that but as you just pointed out that could be a possibility. Maybe it's just the error human error on the part of the taxi. Cab driver in his log sheet. The white male passenger then shot paul stein once in the head with a nine millimeter gun. He took paul stine's wallet and car keys and tore away. A section of paul stine's bloodstained shirttail. This all went down. Captain right at about nine fifty five pm. On that night of october eleventh the passenger slash shooter was witnessed by three teenagers across the street at that. Same time at nine fifty five pm. Brian this is very cool because they were actually able to call in the murder to police while the crime was still in progress the way that this goes down is about fifty feet from where the murder took place down there in the street. We have a birthday party going. On and one of the witnesses. This would have been a young teenage girl. Witnessed the crime in action calls over her two brothers and they witnessed this whole event going down as well and they phone the police and say. Hey there's a robbery or a shooting or something that's going down in the streets below. Yeah this is going to give us probably our best eyewitness account of the zodiac. That's correct because in the second attack. Where mike michaud was able to offer up a suspect description. Keep in mind..

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