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What Roger Penske not considered high appeal. I'm thinking you probably would probably consider, but he got his eighteenth. So he's okay. And, you know, something it was funny because the word has been around since I got here Friday, right? That patch, you know is not a hundred does not have a lot of job security. Yeah, yeah. And of course, you know, he's been unstoppable all month. He won the grand prix two weeks ago. Got the poll for here. Ellison spending dominating. He led a hundred six of the two hundred laps over half something that's never happened before. Anyway, when Penske comes up for the post race press conference. Somebody said so patch, it'll have job security and Roger said you Betty does. But then Rogers said something interesting. I'm never said anything to the media about passion. Oh in, in jeopardy. Yeah. However, what he set there didn't say, passion, ovals job was never jeopardy's that. I never said to them. Yeah. He never said to the media. However, I think winning the Indy five hundred may may help is. Stock up is secure. I do not think that, that Elliott Castro Nevis, who had a one off and see, you know, he drives for Pinski in the series. That's right. Yep. And they brought, you know one more kick the can try three time winner. Yep. Yeah. Tried to get him a fourth didn't work out last year. Didn't work this year. Now. I would not be surprised if Mr. Penske goes back to four cars next year Rossi happens to be one of the drive that's been rumored for a while. That's interesting to feeling that. That's just might be in the work before we run out of, of clock here, and that's always annoying. When that happens Norris McDonald with this, wrapping up the Indy five hundred Hinchcliffe from the lash row thirty-second to finish eleventh, just outside the top ten I don't think we could expect more from him. Could we no no no? Yeah. He did a great job at Tim team did a great job. You know. I mean, sure if they'd had another couple yellows another couple of restarts. It's possible that he could have worked his way up a little bit further. But considering the way things went this weekend, and the way they went specifically today. Eric, I think James cooked at a marvelous job, he might you know, I think he wanted to top Ken, but he just missed by one but it's double points. That's it. And he got a heck of a lot more finishing eleventh. Any what if he finished thirtieth thirty seconds? Oh, yeah. I think he did fine. And I think you didn't get chance to see a lot of it may be in your in your travels. But I thought NBC in their I kick at it. I thought did very very well. I thought they had it covered head Earnhardt, jR in there in the danika there like Rico, and I thought they did a pretty good job nurse as you say, I didn't see the whole program there you are. Of course, I was I was actually trying to keep track on up there. Yeah. Here, though. I did hear that Gannett really did a good. Did. She did a good job. And she, she split, a lot of things about the emotions going technical stuff to sheiks plan. Apparently at one point she apologized everybody. See might have ignored when she was driving. People stick it out. You know, I read honor was it really was. And I thought the president. Drivers could care less joy deal to the second the get in the cockpit. True enough. You know you didn't talk to Jackie Stewart, the whole day of grub. No. It is game on. Done that I thought that say, okay. She did a great job look like a pretty good crowd. Did it look larger to you than last year? We're gonna couple of seconds or nurse. Irene spoke to same, okay? Over, because I could some of the dues couplets you're in Indianapolis around, suppertime,.

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