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And I remember you, you're right. You do go away from that going. Oh, yeah. Can't really just make this an academic thing anymore. Can't make this a whole x number of people were kidnapped an import. And then you go that was terrible. What's for lunch? It's like you're watching that. And you feel that you feel it and you see the blood, and you've the people going over. I mean it's traumatizing and it's, it's, it's like a an appropriate dose of that for, for kids, especially in high school and high school for high school. Age-appropriate where I think younger has been traumatized. Yeah. It is very if we lived in like a Fahrenheit, four fifty one culture, what are you, you have some people like memorized books in that movie? And they and one woman had a bunch of them, and then other people to set one, what do you think would be your book that you would memorize ever asked me? You're welcome. Thank you. Good. That's a good question. I'll buy some time because I thought, oh, he's gonna flip this around on me and ask and the only book I ever had memorized where the sidewalk ends by shel Silverstein. You remember that? I don't still have memorized. So I'd be useless even Fahrenheit four fifty one culture that book is, is like many of shows books. It's a collection of poems that, that show was a master wordsmith. That's a really good book to memorize. In a Verron high for. But I'm imagining them being like we need the old knowledge. And I'm like, well, I do know a poem about kids being stuck in about in Washington. Like anyone else memorize? So many even if he didn't have to pick the top one does have one that comes to mind, that'd be a good one. Now, I, I definitely want to memorize something by tibia Butler. She was an amazing writer and science fiction is, is my this is my favorite genre of literature when I'm reading for pleasure. It's generally science fiction fantasy. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So you, then you could retail those stories, I guess, in the fair, the land of right world affair night, four fifty one. Do you, do you ever feel pressure to be perfect all the time?.

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