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Coming up on the bbc world savage the chain in know second episode exploring the relationship between political power and eat we're looking at the role in propaganda a food writer will take us on an officially approved tour of north korea and meet a man he spent ten days living and eating with fighters from the islamic state group all that after the news bbc news with jerry smith the newly elected prime minister of malaysia mahathir muhammad has said there will be an immediate royal pardon for his former rival and more recent political ally the jailed opposition leader anwar ibrahim dot com hotair also repeated a pledge to stand aside within two years to allow mr anwar to take the premiership the philippines high court has removed the country's chief justice from office it rolls that maria sereno had failed to submit statements of earnings when she applied for the role in twenty twelve mrs serrano has been a fierce critic of president rodrigo deterrent is deadly war on drugs police in western australia have found seven dead bodies in a family home in most being treated as a murder suicide for of the debt which holdren all had gunshot wounds the united nations children's agency unicef has appealed for emergency funds to save four hundred thousand children from starvation in the kasai region of the democratic republic of congo yussef says they're suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

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