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Frank carson was a criminal defense attorney who spent years accusing police and prosecutors of corruption. Then they charged him with murder. I'm christopher gothard writer and host of the l. a. times podcasts. Dirty john and detective trap. I'm inviting you to follow and listen to my new podcast. That trials of frank carson. This eight episodes series is a story of power politics and the law. In california's central valley new episodes of the trials of frank carson are available to find them search for the trials of frank carson. Wherever you get your podcasts. Thank you as is our tradition after all the doom and gloom. And there's a lot of it and it seems every month we have more and more of it but we can still find joy in all of our masters of disasters. always have the most brilliant of joys. So we'll have to start with the joy of ron ron. What's your joy. So i followed it a little bit of alex advice from a previous podcast that we taped and what brings me. Joy is our national and state parks system. I did that road trip up to seattle up and back and man. I mean i am very grateful for the fact that we have a lot of redwood forests that have still been preserved i mean just seeing the old growth and the enormous trees just brings me a sense of calm even also saw. There's something called. The lava beds national monument. And you can actually go into these tubes underground that were formed by lava you know so long ago and just check out you know nature i mean it is destructive nature but right then and there so so that brought me a lot of joy in the last couple of weeks joy in lava only wrong could find joy and joy in past lava. no less rosanna. Please bring us more joy. Well since you loved my joke last month here is another silly choke to bring you more joy gustavo. What did the ocean say to the beach. What did the ocean say to the beach. Surf's up nothing. it just waved. That was a sweet one. It was good. I am not gonna tell anymore joke because i'm terrible at my jokes. Maybe i'll do a knock knock one next time but alex finally what brings you joy so. I actually had the pleasure of being caught in a rainstorm twice this summer. I never used to be one of those people who liked drain until i moved to california. Like dog steve is four and he's only seen rain a handful of times in his entire life. The first time was when i visited philly. That was a nice surprise. The second time was actually out in the desert not far from the arizona border during a camping trip that i clearly did not plan well at all. It was so freaking perilous. I started getting these emergency notifications. The i said life threatening thunderstorms than it was flash flooding turn around don't drown than it said dust storm pull aside stay alive like they all rhymed but when the storm actually rolled in it was beautiful there. Was this insane. Snake lightning the skies opened up. Everything smelled sweet like saffron. My ended up sleeping in a motel six instead of outside but it was worth it to see my first desert. Rain did the motel. Six malek safran unfortunately definitely did not did they do allow dogs though Well always dogs holiday and express his smell like pancakes. And that's a good smell to have and that's it for our masters of disasters are monthly series with ellie times environmental. Reporters thank you. Ron land covers earthquakes. Alex wigglesworth on the wildfires. Be and rosanna shaw. Always about the slowly eroding coast. Thank you masters for thank you thank you. And that's it for this episode of the times daily news from the la times tomorrow. A conversation with los angeles county. Sheriff alex via nueva like what. You're listening to the make sure to follow the times. Whatever platform you use please please. Please don't make us the puccio podcasts. Our show is produced by shannon lynn. Denise gada marina being an melissa kaplan our engineers. Mario deals auditors or shawny hilton lauren. Rabb our internet ashley brown and our theme music is by andrew eden. I'm gustavo deanna. We'll be back tomorrow with all the news and this mother gaseous..

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