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The starting lineups here for tonight's ballgame. Indiana will be the syntax uniform report has Indiana and their home white uniforms trips at. And the Purdue Boilermakers tonight will be in their black uniforms with gold and white from syntax is the supplier uniform Indiana, University businesses across the state of Indiana cintos? Uniform people. Ballgame Terry Ymer bobowski and John Hager. The first time we've seen John Higgins do an basketball team. I think maybe in two years Higgins, of course, was a fixture of the big ten for many seasons, but has moved on. Now. Of course, it's still one of the best officials in NC double a basketball needs some good officials. That's for sure tonight. And I just want a fair game across the board. And for these players they're going to be able to tell early how the game is going to be officiated. We've seen games were they allow a lot of contact inside the paint. And we've also seen games where the whistle is blowing time and time after time. This team's gotta figure out what's going to how this game going to get officiated. Let's pause ten seconds for station identification. You're listening to the university basketball. News weather traffic. Three. See? Bobowski steps in the sauce of the Aaron Indiana's garage Davis tip. And rob fantasy has the basketball. Brings it across the timeline has the left side to Al girl. He breaks out between the circles gifts to Romeo Langford holds size slide. Passive stream can't gives it off the top of the key logging distract the fantasy. He slides, right. Pulls up. Dumps it inside the down low. He puts it up. He draws a foul. He does not make the shot, but he'll go to the free throw line as the personal fouls. Rustled? I think Grady I for great core mission. My rob. Defense was key in on Doron Davis. Posting up the off big wasn't paying attention. And just a straight line pass across the lane wide open to one more great court vision by rob fantasy. Now, could you want mock dance free throws here? They are critical. And he misses the first he continues to struggle at the line. Obviously, not making the first woman the night isn't necessarily a bad thing. But it could be a mess. It could be an.

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