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People and they're getting better. I think we're doing a really good job in this country that keeping it down anybody that needs a test test and the test. Zero perfect is blindsided. The world I don't take responsibility at all now if you can if you want to know how The Republican Party could end up this way. It's very simple and and also. How can Republican Party continued in lockstep to support this Frankenstein monster that they created? It's very simple. Corruption including moral corruption is an industry. It's about power and money. People are making money off. Donald trump being in power as long as their fortunes rise as long as they have all that great convenience and freedom of being exorbitantly rich extraordinarily rich. They're in great shape. Donald trump can do no wrong. So that's just how Nearly half our country thinks and operates as we've seen with the with the voting and they don't care that there's a war on the poor. They don't care that there's a war on already vulnerable asylum seekers they don't care that there's a war on black and Brown people because white. Patriarchy is very much Driving that industry accretion including moral corruption. It's an industry. That's how we have to think about it so now to name some of the names of who brought us to this. Who's made this horrible sort of vulnerability does pandemic even worse. I'm going to read now a thread by Chris. Liu a former Obama White House cabinet secretary. Who's deputy secretary of Labor and Transition Director? He's now at the Miller Center where he's a fellow So this is his thread on twitter. Which is astonishing. And we'll break this down so Chris. Liu Rights breaking a week before inauguration. Day Two Thousand. Seventeen trump team participated in a laptop exercise with outgoing. Obama team about preparing our major domestic incident. One incident discussed was a pandemic. I participated in that exercise. There were three role playing scenarios hurricane pandemic and Cyber Incident Obama team discuss need to anticipate requirements stay ahead of challenges and provide resources quickly. The bowl was to acquaint trump officials with how to coordinate around major incidents the pandemic roleplaying scenario involved novel influenza with infections in Asia and Europe efficient person person transmission insufficient lab capacities travel bans lag time before it comes to. Us need for vaccines ventilator. Shortages sound familiar an event. Pandemic trump team was told. Pandemics can star in other countries and don't respect borders Science Muss Guide decisions. Federal State. Collaboration is key consistent. Messaging needed social distancing recommended days and even hours can matter. Thirty trump officials attended the exercise cabinet and senior White House staff but the vast majority of these officials are no longer in government when you're dealing with a crisis like Kobe. Nineteen stable and experienced leadership matters bottom line when trump says. We were all surprised by Kobe. Nineteen he shouldn't have been. The Obama teamed worn trump's staff about a possible pandemic whether it was lack of preparation or staff turnover. The necessary work was done to get in front of this now. Given all of the notorious Staff turnover in the trump White House and the purging guess who has remained consistently throughout the very beginning and top leadership roles basically acting as de facto presence of United States. Jared Ivanka the BEAVIS and butthead of the trump White House. This is very much on their watch. They're the ones that are the face of this White House. It's the three of them. Ruling Things Jared Nevada worked. Push out their enemies. We know that that's all been reported. And their past. You know jared being a slum Lord creating inhumane conditions for his tenants basically operating very much like oligarchs Ukraine and Russia treating the people like the shit and they grow their money. And that's who Jarrett is Yvonne could trump. She and her family used their charity for their own personal gain. They're the ones that were consistently there in leadership positions this massive disastrous Pandemic response by their White House is very much on them. They take full responsibility for this so we need to preserve that in stone. We need to not forget that because they're going to try to seize the White House for them to stay in power either in trying to steal the twenty twenty election with their fathers Corrupt Network. Or you know if we manage. Oculus leader vote them out and they and they leave. They're gonNA come back and try to run DONKA as the first female president is as we keep telling you that now. Those reports are widely circulating So please keep an eye on them. They are disastrous human beings. The fact that they are still in power is very much a part of this national emergency as much as the virus itself. So please don't forget that and another person who absolutely takes the blame for this. New Listener listing on listing on Beavis. First second so Beavis Kushner trump's bungled response and Kushner in the White House living nightmare so I'm going to quote Natasha retry politico flagging detail from a story from her colleague at Politico. Anita Kumar. I'm quoting now. Jared Kushner asked Model Carly clauses dad and the model carly clauses married to Jared's brother Yeah. So so jared asked Curly clauses DAD FOR SUGGESTIONS TO FIGHT CORONA VIRUS. And so he turned to a facebook group for ER doctors telling them he had a direct channel to the White House. Jared Kushner is tapping into facebook groups like I might tap into a facebook group to to sell an old piece of furniture. You know what I'm saying. That's that's who is responding to this pandemic we're we're we're countless. Lives are at stake and the death toll could reach millions. We don't handle this correctly. I just want to break in on that because I have a theory about this. Which is I think fat. You know as we've talked over and over again. They tried to cover up crime with scandal. They tried to cover up malice with incompetence and I think that this administration was very keenly aware of the virus in its potential to wreak havoc and cause mass death and caused destruction and caused the kind of systemic collapse. That trump has been rooting for openly for years and that. Bannon was rooting for openly for years in that bar and Palm Peyot. And all of these apocalyptic Coltish personalities have also been rooting for and that. Kushner seems to be rooting for as well I. I have no doubt that he actually did do this. That he you know had carly clauses. Dad Go nosing around facebook but I think that's the kind of image of themselves that they want to project is incompetence is being inept instead of having a very malicious very cruel and horrifying plan. Which is what I think is actually going on and I think as you and I have both said the plan is to seize power. The plan is to run the White House from within while trump is inside it. Basically acting as a a named chief of staff in the shadows and then eventually to formally take it over and of course we're going to have. God knows what kind of country Virus go way? Everything is going to change but they have ambition and their ambition is evil and so when I hear about them doing that I tend to think that that's kind of what they would like us to see is to think that they just are fucking around and they don't know what they're doing. I think Z. Know exactly what they're doing. I think they're just planets. I think there's certainly a strain among them that likes doomsday aspect and believes that if her fills some coltish prophecy that they worship. That's a massive evil mutation of Christianity. I think that's about question if you watch the excellent documentary the family on net flicks so the family. This extreme bake Christian Colt is the story of a group of businessmen in Washington. State back in the day that that joined together to basically bring big business together to fight unions to fight the People Power of unions. That were organizing at that time. And it's morphed into this global movement to worship big business and to escape go the most vulnerable among us and to out and that includes. Lgbt people they lost the battle for gay marriage here in the US and so they've exported that movement other countries like Uganda and Romania. And why LGBT people because the family has some twisted white patriarchy idea of how society should be organized to LGBT? People are on the frontlines of the progressive movement being closely allied with all these other movements and they just they just treat them like scapegoats. And it's just totally inhumane and that's been a long practice of the far-right in America and another disturbing quality of the family is that they groom young white men to rule the world they groom them to positions of power wight women are seen as being supporters being second class citizens and they're there to support their white men in the name of Jesus and basically what the family has become is everything that the historical Jesus railed against from the historical record. Jesus was a revolutionary. Jesus fought corruption. Jesus put his life on the line to take on a corrupt system. They are everything. The storm Jesus himself railed against and so I have no doubt that there absolutely is that coltish element among this. But there's also idiots like Jared Nevada that are just idiots and I'm giving you the gasoline nation guarantee that whoever's listening whoever's listening this episode right now if you are not journal conquer or anyone that supports them then you are one hundred percent smarter. Jared Nevada you are extraordinarily brilliant and it compared to these two especially I mean is that they're idiots and it's our job to get these idiots out of power because this is what happens when idiots have power and it's unchecked. It's a dangerous situation it's a is. It's a hostage situation and so I want to emphasize that with remember. When Donald Trump did a oval office address? The market's tanked because it was Donald Trump doing an oval office address. And he just terrified people even worse. So this is from the daily beast. Senior officials held several closed-door meetings into the early afternoon gaming out how to finish cleaning up for the misinformation and inaccurate assertions that president trump made in his prepared remarks which were largely co authored by the White House immigration policy adviser. Stephen Miller and the president's son-in-law Jared Kushner seven trump administration officials described the daily Beast mad dash to contain fallout from trump's delivery that could further spook the markets or stir panic and Americans at home and abroad and international trade partners and allied nations. The chaos only added to the frustrations the upper ranks. The trump administration have felt this week. As top officials have scrambled to control the fallout of a growing pandemic. And it's been complicated by the fact that part of their efforts have been devoted to making sure that trump himself doesn't feel under siege. So we have an autocrat in the White House within skin because autocrats have skin that is characteristic of autocrats. And another person to name check in all of this is of course book deal. John Bolton Iran War John Bolton so this is from May two thousand eighteen in the Washington Post the top White House official responsible for leading the US response in the event of a deadly pandemic has left the administration and the Global Health Security team. He oversaw has been disbanded under a reorganization by national security adviser. John Bolton the abrupt departure for Admiral Timothy Zimmer from the National Security Council means no senior administration officials now focused solely on global health security. Zimmer's departure along with a break of his team comes at a time when many experts say the country's already under prepared for the increasing risks of a pandemic or bioterrorism attack. Zimmer's last day was Tuesday the same day a new bulla outbreak was declared in Congo. He is not being replaced. Pandemic Preparedness Global Health Security Issues that require government wide responses experts say as well as the leadership of a high ranking official within the White House who was assigned only this role. And here's a quote in the article. Health Security is a very fragmented with many different agencies. Jay Steven Morrison Senior Vice President at the Center for Strategic International Studies that means coordination and direction from the White House is terribly important now in quote the personnel changes which Morrison others characterize as a downgrading of global health. Security are part of Bolton's previously announced plans to streamline the NFC. Okay John Bolton surprise surprise you gave us a worsening pandemic. That's part of your legacy now once again. We're dealing with people who may come off as incompetence but it's malice that gutting of those institutions which were supposed to handle homeland security supposed to handle pandemics. Public Health came at the same time. that we didn't have a secretary of defense for year that they gutted the State Department that they gutted the dod that they gutted courts agencies and replace them with Latkes. And I think that that's deliberate during the government shutdown of early twentieth. Nineteen you know when when Bolton was still there we talked about this quite a bit on the show about how they have this apocalyptic bent how they view a depopulated country a depopulated earth as easier to manage and how they have a hierarchy within that global hierarchy in a hierarchy within the United States with certain groups stigmatized or demonized and you've seen increasingly in public discourse you see papers like the New York. Times churning out articles praising Nazis Publishing Geneticists views and. I'm worried that you know this kind of conflagration of all these abhorrent viewpoints in policies and people coming together is not some kind of happy accident you know. These are people who crave power..

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