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Mcdevitt with details sixty nine year old kenneth oil was charged with two counts of firstdegree murder in the deaths of fortytwoyearold august dempsey and her boyfriend old bob paul the the couple lived on the same street as oil to forty seven hundred block of james street the murders took place on july 16th oil allegedly told police that he shot the favoured selfdefense after an argument ensued oil was taken into custody for a short time and then released gabar climb with the philadelphia da's office says after completing a comprehensive investigation the office charged toil oil is currently in custody and the office four to obtaining justice for the families of the victims of family of the victims say they are relieved that hoyle is behind bars john mcdevitt kyw newsradio kyw news time 1054 selfie of police have identified the two men arrested thursday in the rauner section of the northeast after two separate car jack jackie's for more on that here's kyw kim glovas eighteen year old tariq robinson of mcgee avenue a nineteen year old may seer brie linda west eerie avenue are charged with carjacking robbery firearms violations and related crimes fully saw one of the suspects operating a vehicle reported stolen iran's feeding caster avenue around four thirty a m that day the officer our case the vehicle to the edge of penny pack park on horseback street that's an a suspect got out of the car and put it a gun at the officer the officer fired wants at the suspect missed and the suspect ran into bushes he was arrested a few minutes later plainclothes officer saw the second suspect hiding near hawr oxen streel streets police say that man tossed away keys to a hyundai because partner nearby a hyundai had been stolen around one a m and false township bucks katty the second man was.

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