Marshall County, Don Siegel, Barack Obama discussed on Yellowhammer Radio


Welcome back to scott visa show i'm bill breath i'm season brick did i make you a little misty there i tell you the key to a happy marriage is happy wife it is dear susan you know the governor's race is going to be consequential it always is but the attorney general's race this this year the especially the republican primary is going to be definitively decisive for our state for probably generation because we have got some very important issues coming up that the attorney general will have to handle now let's go back the attorney general that we have currently his name is steve marshall marshall county where he was da he was appointed district attorney in marshall county in two thousand two by don siegel by governor don siegelman steve marshall was a democrat up until two thousand twelve he was an obama democrat he switched parties some guys when republicans swept montgomery state marshall was still democrats so he switched parties in two thousand twelve and somehow are crazy republican party's oh just because you're siegelman democrat and you're an obama democrat you're one of us now they embraced him he's a brother he's a phony all right so anyway but steve marshall who who loved obama who love siegelman is now a republican who was appointed to be attorney general by robert bentley and when luther strange step down to take to take the seat jeff sessions bentley appointed steve marshall you know like robert bentley kind of a democrat and and you know what when steve marshall took the job susan he told people he didn't even know bentley was in trouble.

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