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30,000 homeowners choosing new look to do their roof. It's a 20 will sports returned to campus of the University of Maryland, this fall University's new president outlines what he thinks it could look like members of the Big 10 Conference or working out what college athletics would look like in the fall. University of Maryland president Darryl Pine says. If they get the green light, he'd expect stadium attendants to be it reduced capacity. Precisely When will decisions be made? My guesstimate would be next 3 to 4 weeks. Obviously, it's you know, it's getting close where there'll be. We're going to the next phase of engagement for all student athletes, but I'm sure of being consultation. With other conferences out out there, and Pine said, while some colleges and universities eliminated sports from their programs because of covert 19 he has no intention of doing that. Kate Ryan w. T. O P News knew this evening, Maryland's Health Department telling healthcare providers to order a Corona virus test for anyone who wants one, even if they don't have symptoms. Governor Larry Hogan, announcing that order yesterday is part of the state's new efforts to expand testing. While Maryland does have free testing locations that don't require symptoms or a doctor's order, there are still some testing sites that do Maryland's health officials are encouraging test for anyone who works in close contact settings and anyone who has returned from out of state travel. We don't have any estimates for you tonight on how big the crowds could be Saturday down on the National Mall, But if you choose to venture.

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