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You're right. You know why it is. What Bill? It's really it's dog eat dog world out there. One Australian app for another, especially when Daniel Ricciardo is under contract. That's pretty big. Yes, I would say though. With respect to this rumor, I don't believe it. For a couple of reasons. Yes. One. Well, yes. One is Daniel out of contract. May of course, Jack brown has talked about all McLaren or Daniel kahneman, I break the contract. True, it's possible. But second, Alpine, I can't imagine McLaren taking a loan driver, right? First of all, they can not imagine loan driver going back. McLaren is above that. Well, they would believe so anyway. Two, I would not believe Alpine leading Oscar piastre officers. Moving it off. No way. And then even if any of those things weren't true, why would Alpine give its biggest rival in the constructor standings? He's like the hot shit. Putting him as a reserve driver at McLaren. Exactly, exactly. Which is already weed to begin with. Yes. So I can not imagine this rumor being true. I can't like if it happens. And I know Formula One does often defy all logic, but it would defy all logic. What would be easier, sending Oscar PS3 to your main rival McLaren or farming or breaking your contract with either Fernando Alonso or Esteban ocon. How do you feel about a sense of how? Good things about them. Good things I couldn't start a great card. Perfectly over there. The pine eyes are great. Yeah. Ferrari engine goes well. Better than this piece of shit. Let's be honest. It's pretty far fetched, but I've certainly heard worse, but I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility. I could say it happening. Okay, absolutely say that conversation occurring. But. Yeah. Exactly. But you're exactly right. Why would Alpine who let's face it? Don't have much else going for him. Yeah, Fernando is great. It's the band's good. I've had a Grand Prix win. Last year. But Oscar Pietro is your future. So you need to somehow make that work. By happens by chance that Fernando Alonso is probably being selfish. He's not he's having his best ever season. Oh, exactly. He's deprived of 80 points. He needs to race for another ten seasons to make up for that deficit for 40s owed. So it's a tricky spot for Al-Qaeda and it's what I don't envy them in. But I tell you what, in terms of a driver, it drives a stock. Has never been so high for someone who has driven who hasn't raced in anger since last year. Someone who has been rumored to go to McLaren is a reserve driver at one, is not competed in a practice session yet, who the team keeps delaying the practice prize when they have to do it. You could say. He's not racing in anything. It's quite a remarkable, which is a great thing. It goes to show you how hard the Oscars obviously write it and how much anything would be like, you're giving away Oscar pierce you for free, of course. We take it. It somehow would be very on brand real pain to have wasted all this time and money on Oscar pierce. So I wanted to keep track on, but I kind of imagined, regardless of whether you think Daniel Cobb is going to be here or not next year. I just can't imagine Oscar being the one who goes there. But on the other hand, who would go to McLaren, that's the other big question. I know we talked about this a couple of weeks ago, but appear gasly's recommitted to AlphaTauri for next year was already under contract, but he sort of said he will be there. So it's difficult to imagine who would end up there. I've got one for you. Here we go. Here we go. Rob sir drama season. He's raring

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