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I didn't think the power could maintain itself, but lo and behold, he's at twenty five home runs. Again, he's gonna be over thirty again, you know, I, you know, I didn't see the homered power being something that's sustainable, but guess what? He's done it and the defense is still on point Jose Ramirez, dude. You're looking at them and you're saying, you know, it's actually. One of the greatest and I'm not. This isn't a hard purply. I think there's going to be one of the greatest fantasy baseball seasons ever for guy that wasn't ranked in the top twenty five. Because, again, you know, movie Ramirez. You know, I had him up in the rankings, but consistently he definitely was not in the top twenty five rankings of most. The most people sports and the fact that matter is he's over thirty home runs at this point of the season and he's not slowing down. That's the scary part. He still has quite a bit to go. And I don't really see any holes in his game where you can point to say, okay, this is how you get him out. He's he basically has incredible play coverage, and there's really nothing that's lows now. I mean, he's got good speed. He's got the power, good. I, you know, I don't have any holes in his game. He's actually a better hitter than Lynn door, my opinion. But you know, again to your Pooley, does anyone talking about him? No, because. He plays for the Indians. That's why. What else? Like about top five players? Technically, you can make a case for both of these guys being in the top five and guess what? Not. Neither one of them would actually show up in anyone's top five or this. If you if you pull them on ESPN, not a single endless will actually put those guys at the top five. Look for fancy rush now gives the number one is contrasting points hitter was the, I think it'd be I, I actually think it would be either Mookie. Ramirez Ramirez moved the window words. Crowd Jaydee. Yeah, that's that's. That's the crazy part. No one at. Like we we like I feel as though for us because we play daily daily fantasy baseball. We are more attuned to this than actual fantasy Stanford fancy baseball because even with the ESPN articles, they still can't talk about it from the standpoint of, oh, yeah, they're they're pretty good players. I mean, they're having a great season, but literally every day in daily fantasy, baseball Lenore ever mirrors are the two highest rated players at their positions and their worth it because they're, they're, they're, they're incredibly consistent. In terms of the numbers they put up. It's like a, the may have those Mazda games where they, they hit home runs. But usually you're getting, you're not getting a donuts with those guys. You're getting at least three points, three, three to five points just because they're getting on base. Here's a on staff. Ramirez seventy two Rb is. Engine I walks forty, nine ks. He's one for these Cade in years. Thirty blocks like that. That is too. Yeah. But you know what the best part about that is, we're, we're still in posing towards the end of July and we're, we're still on pace for having more case the natural hits again for the third time this season. 'cause it happened in April, happened last month in June and July on pace for more cases, more case that actual hits and you and you've got, you got stars and Lenora Ramirez said, don't get any pump..

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