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Off. Stay right here for our final news round up and information overload. I do surround up in information overload. Our Sean Hannity show 809 41. Shawn, We're going to get to a lot of your calls coming up in the program today. Our friend, Dr Carson. Ben Carson is going to join us in just a minute. Has he is beginning a new conservative think tank, which I love because you know what I want these good think tank. They actually spend their time their day they study and what works. What works for the economy. What works for foreign policy? What does it mean to have a strong national defense? Peace through strength versus appeasement, cutting the cutting people's taxes, ending burdensome regulation, challenging environmental extremism in the name of energy, independence, and really important things like that. Promises. Dr. Carson's new group is called the American Cornerstone Institute and its advancing policies that promote Let's see Faith, Liberty, community and life. He's got a really good op ed in real clear politics, and it starts we have painted our fellow Americans as deplorable, stupid and worse. Now What is this type of malicious political rhetoric fueled by opportunistic politicians, Profit driven media organizations that has Royals are deeply divided Nations. Now we are better than this and words. Such Aziz compromise compassion, civility or twisted, maligned and tainted. As somehow being dirty or have magically disappeared altogether. Now we're in the middle of this impeachment shift shows charade as I call it, you know, And as you listen to these, these Democrats in the presentations they've been making Well, we've just kind of applied it to the Democrats. In their own words. Listen, he was impeached for inciting armed violence against the government of the United States of America..

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