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Rose r. Remember that being a complete court case You know scenario and it was back and forth like stories and everything but like that's what i expected it to be but it just went. I thought that was really and then it just took it. A white for your. Why are we yeah. Yeah it was weird and you didn't see it coming. I felt like either. Have you go back and think about the movie. It's like they're on the right line like they go like okay. We got prove this guy was really haunted. We see the exorcism with his kid. It's a crazy as exercise him. It's a real good opening and then And then they go like. Let's check under the house and there's no way that the real life lorraine was that fearless of rats. She's just crawling around with rats. And i'm like that would be enough for me like now. You know what could've done it. There's a lot of rats under this house. And that's that's that's scary enough for me. That's like willard. Like i don. I don't want anything to do with all those rats. But she crawls through those rats and when she finds is a little satanic statue and they go oh this must be it and they go like. Oh yeah whenever there's a satanic statue there it means there's a curse so the house was cursed and that's what happens and instead of going like. Oh let's watch them take this satanic statue and presented to the judge. They spend the whole movie hunting down with this satanic statue. Like what who made this statue. And why did they put it there. And you're like oh oh so. This is about you hunting the lake and this is where it was one thing when it was ghosts and demons but people who can travel inter dimensional. I can't get on board with. We're not there in this universe. You haven't set that up like when they see this like ghost. Satan is lady in their house. And i'm like oh. This is like a satanist from like you know a hundred years ago the taunting them and then later in the movie you find out like no. She's alive now and you're like what's so she can just show up as a living person. Just be in other people's houses. And that's where i got like i don't feel like it's existing in the same universe unless the universes like i said shifting and the warriors are becoming superheroes which if that's the case i watched the warren superheroes. I'm mom okay with it but yeah so you know they find that and then there's a scene where like real creepy stuff starts happening in their house and they realized that they have one of those statues you know and and i don't know why there's little thing bugged me but they find. The statue was delivered via flowers in a vase. And they're like. I'm sure it's in that vase because the flowers are dead and they just got here yesterday and they break the vase. And there's the satanic statue but this satanic statue while big enough to fit into vase was bigger than the opening of the vase. Yeah yes yes. So they would have me. Wouldn't have been able to get in that your they literally would've maybe it's like the movie ghost where they're sculpting the vase around randy around it but they would have literally had to craft the vase around this satanic statue in order to do it so it really is. They're not really following this court case at all they're more following the satanic adventures of ed and lorraine warren and the stuff in the what it just felt like we kind of got away lorraine being affected by this stuff because this movie takes place in nine hundred. Eighty one okay. So this is the latest move this is a sequel to all of it. Which means that in. I'm going through my notes. Here and nineteen seventy-one ten years before this at is like. I don't know if i want my wife doing this stuff anymore. It deeply affects her ten years later. He's got her doing way worse stuff than she was doing in the first one so it felt to me like we lost that thing. Where lorraine's psychic powers doesn't like to use them because they hurt her and more like lorraine like professor x. She's like magneto like she's got crazy psychic abilities and she can shape shift as well. You know like it was just a different reenacting mergers. She's doing late. It was so off off brand. Yes i thought so too. Although i did like the big andre the giant corpse that was chasing him around the giant bloated like the eight foot tall course it was just like when they were in the woods and it was the she comes to the edge of the cliff. And then there's this ghost. Hamlet drags dan. But there's no buddy there goes going to be doing it was just it was just It was too much shopping. I think Just wish that it kept on tracker the court cases that is yeah when yeah yeah it was it was muddled. It felt muddled if you know. And that's not. Usually there are other movies in the conjuring university muddled but these are i. I always thought these these qadri movies were supposed to be like your cornerstone's like these are the movies that hold up the entire universe like like you can have kind of a doctor. Strange movie doesn't make a lot of sense. Or you can do an ant man movie that just kind of like me but you're avengers. Movies have got to be ten out of ten every time in order to hold the whole universe up right right right right. So yeah yeah i kind of i kind of felt the same way but i and i did you watch it through their post credits. Scene did you. I didn't watch the credits credit. Saying okay yeah look up. Well i did it with the other two and there wasn't one so i'm not going to be one initial on right. Yeah i'm assuming there's on when they go into the room with all the the facts from different cases i'm white interest something every time and nothing happens and maybe that's the love might be. That's the good thing about him. Because i'm like so much going to happen. Initial on. No yeah of something to watch the next one. Because i'm going to happen in that one. That's for sure. What are you tell me up for the next one. Nothing but but i will say i felt like i was back home with the conjuring statue..

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