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To of course you know that i got to texas morning during the break that said ray i am so disappointed where is your passionate outrage over this moral issue you've disappointed maine well i don't really know what else to say about this issue i think separating families is wrong but i have also spoken to border agents and i understand the terrible quandary they are in are the people coming to the border with children families or the people coming to the border with children human traffickers or part of the drug cartels they're trying to ascertain because our congress has not acted in over thirty years the last immigration reform was i believe nineteen eightysix we have a very different country than we had then because our congress has failed to do anything worth doing rarely do they do something worth doing is a few glimmers of hope from here and there and yonder is you may have heard yesterday senator chuck schumer of new york boy that's a peach of a guy he has basically told his people we're not passing anything that makes trump look good okay fine that's the partisan way to go now what we need is mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader two with a majority stroke changed the rules of the senate get rid of the filibuster i mean we want to get rid of the constitution and all this other stuff it's a relic of the past of a bunch of old white slave owners anyhow so why can't we do that just get rid of the filibuster go to the fifty plus one majority rule which is what this country's all about and pass immigration reform and move on of course mitch mcconnell can't get out of his own way so he won't do that because they're always living in fear they might be in the minority next anyhow i think what's going on in the border is very difficult but it's more complicated than the headlines of the new york times wants you to believe we gotta go at six thirty days one hundred ninety six point mark the dow's eighth straight decline matching a stretch of losses that ended in march of twenty seventeen if the index ended lower today extending the street denying it would mark the longest losing streak and ghost over forty years stock futures though higher ahead of the opening bell asian stocks closed mostly higher with the european markets up eurozone nations agreed on the final elements of a plan to get greece out of its eightyear bailout program aviation giant airbus has threatened to leave britain if the country leads the european union with an agreement on future trading relations the company employs about fourteen thousand people at twenty five sites in the uk says it will reconsider its longterm footprint in the country if there is no deal with the box presidents report i'm pat is your computer slowing down thank you need a new one wait before you waste your money on a new computer go to mike lean pc dot com and get a free computer diagnosis in minutes you can activate my clean pc software to.

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