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So ma Bo prediction is that yo kitch wins his second consecutive MVP. I think he'd be a worthy winner. I think that this Denver team without Jamal Murray and Michael Porter junior is genuinely one of the three worst teams in the west. And would be right in the mix for the number one overall pick along with Houston. So I completely agree with you that he's worthy. Do you have an MVP vote this year? I had one last year. So yeah, I was going to say, I don't know if you'll have one this year, will you? I don't know. I don't think I'll have one issue because it rotates in my market. So my market will have the vote this year. So in the case of jokic, I just worry that there are going to be too many MVP voters that don't want to win. Don't want to have him win a second MVP when his team is in 6th when there's still unfortunately this narrative out there that he's not one of the 5 best players in the league that is just fucking crazy and stupid and all of that. I have significant worries that there's going to be voter fatigue. He'd be a worthy winner though. He'd undeniably be a worthy winner. I would love for that to be accurate. I would absolutely love for him to win. His second MP, there's very few players more fun to watch in the NBA than Nikola Jokić, if not, if not zero players, more fun to watch in the NBA than Nikola Jokić. Okay. Let's take a quick commercial break and we will be back with two more bold predictions each from Tony Jones and I..

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