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At the university jordan denies those allegations nations more than a dozen marjory stoneman douglas high school students filed a civil rights lawsuit over emergency responders handling of the valentine's day massacre attorney solomon radnor says the student suffered from severe psychological injuries that day requiring fair compensation this is a shot at specific law enforcement officials who failed the students on that particular day a former school resource officer broward county sheriff's officials stillman douglas high school personnel and county school officials are named in that lawsuit a circle ville woman will spend five years in prison for hiring a hitman to kill her husband's ex wife tara arbogast first conviction on a charge of conspiracy to commit murder was thrown out by an appeals court over a mistake in the wording of the charge against her prosecutors reindicted her for the incident from twenty fifteen and arbogast formerly terra lambert plead guilty today the judge away county did give her credit for time served brennan winkler had his work cut out for him stay he was cleaning up the damage to his dad's car done by vandals and german village i hate to say i was young once too and i found stuff that was like this entertaining so there's a part of this that i wonder if it's just coming back to get me on the other side but you know i i wish that people could find better things to do winkler with abc six says he was one of dozens of vehicles spray painted and keyed probably sometime yesterday in the work looks a lot like the damage done to some seventy plus vehicles and a clinton ville neighborhood last weekend richland county humane agents looking for the person who set off a firecracker in kittens rear end the cat was rushed to a mansfield vet hospital monday after the explosive severely damaged the tail and backside of the cat humane society officials say the kitchen wall survive our quality of life is in question it's been a year since we last heard from twenty one pilots but the hiatus ended this morning the columbus based ban just released two new songs on its website band also nounce disband ito tour that starts off in nashville in october and wraps up march seventeenth in portugal though columbus stop for twenty one pilots this time the closest selby is in cleveland on october twenty third radio.

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