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They are squandering the prime of a potentially great quarterbacks career and what it means for andrew luxe future is think about the teams in the nfl it appeared to be ready to win now but four a top notch quarterback how would the jags be with andrew luck right now even the vikings who have a couple of data brad shows good and and bridgewater is promising and getting better how would they look with andrew luck think of any team that needs a quarterback pluck plug lock into that position and imagine if they're ready to win now are not andrew luck needs to get out look i'm a giants fan the giants need a whole lot of but of all the giants needed was a quarterback and they wanted the first and second rounders from the giants you get a twenty eight year old andrew luck and handle him properly protect him properly i think he's still the guy stephen a including carson went most likely to take over from aaron rogers the best quarterback in the game he must get out of this situation so long as already owns the team overreacting i'm not a big fan over say i don't disagree with what you've said about him but i still think you'll react than he is why the biggest problem was grigson as the gm the please could instead him the coach did and get along with him he was considered this of and you know just just alarmingly arrogant to the point where you know he thought he thought he was the inventor of football for crying out loud and he really really turn people off my issue with him was that he never protected this quarterback he never prioritised that andrew look came into the nfl to see his rookie season he was sacked forty one times.

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