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People wonder by and you say, hey, hey, why don't you coming my radio program? And let's catch up Catherine grew and Nala is with me and Daniel Vel valley Zely is with me. You guys have been on the show before I didn't know that I bump into you here. And I want to do an update because last time we spoke you talking about going Vietnam at Christmas and all this magnificent stuff, and I'm sure people were wondering whatever happened there. So first of all, Catherine Daniel, welcome back. Good to be here. Tell me tell me what you saw in in Vietnam. I just can't imagine it just when you you were talking about it, you know, months ago. I thought this is so exciting you get to do so talk to us what an incredible privilege. I mean, we had the opportunity as well as doing some charity works, and we took a team of seventy people with us into. Hanoi and we did three big Christmas festivals. And times we saw fifteen hundred fifty new salvations Christ, the twelve months Daniel headway with the to train chech- planners. And so they had this wonderful system to be able to connect with all of those new believers, and then just so God break out in amazing ways with miracles and signs and wonders it was so glorious. I I wish I could have been there because there is nothing more wonderful than senior bills our own faith. And then you see the love of God for these people that maybe never heard his name before. I mean, obviously in a place like Vietnam. There's so many people have they just never heard any of this stuff that we were bored with in America or in the west we've heard a million times week, nor it this is fresh for them. Well, it was fresh for us to in that we were saying their close that we haven't seen before. I so my first. Blind. I I've Syria we actually saw eight or nine completely blind. I I only pray for one as the team with praying for them. We saw an and these people who abilities and painters just in the name of Jesus. And in fact, the prayers. Yeah. The team that came with us, and we saw three people walk out of wheelchairs who had atrophied muscles, actually, growing their muscles. As they got out. We didn't pray for an coding. Miracles. It's funny because you know, you hear the same questions over and over and I'm asking the same one over and over. How is it that we see so little this in the west in America? There's so many sick people so many people with problems what an extraordinary thing to see not just miracles, but really astounding miracle described handing miracles that. I haven't seen before. In fact, the second night, we were we had some people wanting to stop the meeting, and they distracted them with video testimony of the night before of the people getting out of the wheelchair. It was so extraordinarily who why would somebody wanna stop? Meaning what kind of people would want to do that? Well. Yeah. Oh maker. It's so interesting to me that you had this upper tune ity to do that. I wanna make clear case most people listening probably didn't hear the two of you on this program some months ago. So I wanna be clear that the the ministries called world hope dot com. World hope dot com, and you Catherine ruined Nala. It's are you. Oh and A L A, but you've been used by God in miraculous ways for many years. And I know I asked you this last time, but for those who didn't hear us months ago. How did this start for you? You know, I started reading things like Smith Wigglesworth, John g lay Kathryn Kuhlman, and it just got frustrated. I thought God it's not our okay that I'm not seeing what I'm leading about in the book of that. So I began to research and said, look, what is it? I I thought from what I was reading. I thought maybe maybe it's Tisza fire. It seems like all of them had some form of. Amazing baptism just began to seek the look for that. And I tell you it happened. What does that mean a baptism of fire? Didn't really know. And I still don't really have the stand except that it's the power of the Holy Spirit. And he's the one that does the work, and that becomes more and more obvious as we begin to see him breakout count like this as he didn't bit numb that is clearly nothing to do with us. It's all his chlorine his power. I wanna give Daniel a moment to to speak. Any are you the head of world? Hope I can't remember your title. You are and forgive me that we have one microphone the reason we only have one microphone is because we don't normally hang out here in Anaheim. So we're we're ill prepared for every eventuality. But. How long have you been with world? Hope started the organization in two thousand and three. So you've been with it since two thousand and three. World. Hope I almost laughing at is such a fundamental like how did he get that? You are L world hope dot com. What a wonderful simple message world. Hope if I'm a good negotiator number one. About two. Does everything it says we can bring to the world Jesus the hook to the of the world. Yeah. We're bringing Jesus to the world. So we do a lot of charity. Work in homes. Dominica would. Yeah. We've got schools of the world and things like that. Although we do all of those always attach charity work to the gospel to separate the gospel is showing to people, and so we can't separate charity from the gospel no-show be separate at the other way around. So every time we do something we always work at a way to talk about Jesus show the ghost. Well. And of course, it's why you do what you do. So it's only right now, you obviously from Australia, I know from your accent? But you you raised as a Christian or was this something that happened later in life for you was raised as Christian, but my turning point for me was in in university. And that's where the become hungry full the path God because we were where were you universe? The university Sydney, but it's a very international place. Oh, my friends when people from sees. Yeah. And and Christianity just become one philosophy against another philosophy unless it was demonstrated pow God evident in your belief. Let me talk my producer for second. James? This is the this is the eleven so we'll just keep going here. And you cut out a few seconds there. So when and when did you Catherine connect with with Daniel 'cause I know your husband's sitting here, he never does these programs you to sit here and watch the two of you talk. But how did you connect the two of you? Well, Daniel came to be part of chech- about three and a half years ago. And we quickly recognised just the apostolic grace on his life and everything so flex to together. We now co-lead glory city church in friskin glory city church in. So now, if I go to Brisbane, I know where to go to church. Yes, at because honestly, I mean, I went to and a half years ago to Shelia, and I wasn't Brisbane. But I did not you know, that didn't get the state too long. But I'm looking for excuses to travel to wonderful places like that how much fun that would be to have you. But I want to tell you one more thing we we did these three nights of festivals and on the fed not we will walk working with. Nomination that doesn't really embrace miracles. And Daniel had to negotiate with them to let us even pray for the sick that night. Can you believe it was so mazing as Americans began to break out those pastas began to jump into the crowd and begin to price America's to his new standard. They suddenly that the elegy shifted as they were saying the cripples as I was saying the blind eyes open, Beth theology shifted, and they just spent always all on and they just began Frank. They were the ones having to testify about the miracle hearing this helping interpret the testimonies just glorious so I really bought shift in thinking, and they've invited Daniel and myself back to teach on healing in their Oganization, even even the orient. All this stuff is amazing. That's actually in some ways the most miraculous of all because a lot of people are very hidebound theologically. So the fact. That they were open enough to be willing to see what God might do. And then come back into teach on this. I think it's vital to one of the reasons I love having you on. It's so vital that we move as church and signs and wonders that we expect that it's so important. And so just rules me that God is is using you in that way, all of you at world hope and Catherine were in all ministries, because it's it's the way the gospel is spread. There's no question about it. We've just got about a minute or so left. So what else should we touch on Eric's? Not just the physical miracles of hailing the fact that we were able to go into that country and conduct three major festivals of multiple.

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