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Your network yeah thank the Anacostia direct now your Richard J. S. gas hello everybody and welcome back to the program in this hour we will be talking with journalist Max Blumenthal Max has been on the show several times before but this is a different kind of story this is the story of Max's own arrest here in Washington DC and arrest on charges that seem to be mysterious and arrest on charges that were handled in what appears to be an extremely unusual way and arrested very much looks to be politically motivated the rest of it any journalist in any society should be a subject for concern and scrutiny one of my great concerns about this story the rest of Max Blumenthal is that it's not getting cover much less support from other journalistic outlets around the country now Max is very well known a lot of people disagree with Max on certain issues but that hardly mattered to a society that prides itself on expressions like I care not what you say I care about your right to say it well Max women calls rest is a pretty good test of that and so far from what I've seen of coverage in the mainstream media outlets so far what I've seen of commentary on social media and elsewhere we are not seeing a fifth the statements country that is stepping up to the obligations want to cover it an important story and to to fight for freedom of speech and for the past so after a brief break we will be back with the journalist Max Blumenthal.

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