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Eastern time who takes the next step on the road to the Super Bowl, find out this weekend with the other. See the AMC divisional round plays out only on CBS. E want. Jack Youngblood laughed. Yeah, so the Browns are a 10 point underdog in this game. So I think they can win. Look, it's a one in 100 shot. There's a shot. There's always a shot. There's always a shot because the Cleveland Browns last week proved something to themselves. Which is the most important thing and that is we can play and we can win in the playoffs and we can beat the really good teams. The NFL And I know that the Steelers haven't played well recently. I know that the Steelers have their own fair share of problems, but you get to the playoffs. You finally break through that glass ceiling, which you hadn't been in such a long time. And you jump out on top of the Steelers, 28 nothing. And then when things get close in the 3rd and 4th quarters, you then pull away again. You prove something to yourself? And they didn't have Kevin's too fancy on the sideline. So the idea that the Browns can't win this game. There's no way they could win this game. That's ludicrous. Any team in the playoffs is good enough to win a playoff game. We've seen crazier upsets of the past. I mean, nobody thought Theo seven Patriots could possibly be beaten by a tenant six Giants team just so happened on that day. He did. So it's crazy to think it could never happen. Do I think it's gonna happen? No, I don't because I don't think the chief of the type of team that is vulnerable to this type of upset. Not that the Chiefs can't be beaten. Okay, It's not that the Chiefs are invulnerable is not that they will absolutely win the Super Bowl. It's not that it's that this chief's team I don't believe is vulnerable to this type of upset. What I mean by that is When you are a 10 point favorite in the playoffs, you've got to feel really good about yourself and not take the opponent seriously to be victim of the upset, Okay? If you were a 10 point favorite, you've got to be overconfident. And the opponent you have to feel has no shot and that you are just a totally different level. And I don't believe that the Chiefs Or that type of overconfident team because I don't believe Andy Reid ever allows you to be that way. I think Andy Reid might go on the other side of things where he makes you feel like you're worse than you are. And it's sometimes that might make you tight. I think that might have a problem with the Philadelphia Eagles at times and maybe even as early chief stays. I don't think he ever let you think that you're a better than you are. So that's part of the recipe that you would get beat here now, the other thing that I said, you start losing and you get tight. And that was an Andy Reid staple. Unfortunately with the Eagles and maybe early on the chief's days, But I think with Patrick Mahomes that doesn't exist either. For the Chiefs, the Chiefs can lose. Because if you match up against the Chiefs well and you have a great quarterback as well and you have a really smart head coach, and you've got to really experience laden team. Look, the Chiefs can be beat by a really good team. I don't think they can be beat. In this scenario, because my homes will never let you get tight. He's just not a quarterback that suddenly goes what we're gonna do. Oh, I don't feel confident. Oh, we're not getting it done. You just like, Give you the ball back,.

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