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Him Bobbio Rourke and Rafael Cruz and money in this race. How you're gonna vote also get you up to date on this. Columbus Crew story. John from our news department just talked to the mayor mayor Steve Adler who said all is. Well, all is well. Adler had talked to the MLS today. Major League Soccer Commissioner, and they said, yes Austin will get a franchise Austin will get a franchise. So that's great news. And apparently through the MLS that Anthony Precourt will be the owner of said, no franchise Austin, the Austin FC we've seen the logo the roots. Looks like a tree oak tree with a lot of roots. So all is well, it's been an interesting day though. Because the Columbus Crew in Columbus Ohio was bought today by the family of Jim has lem. He is a big convenience store truck. Stop owner and Ohio and Michigan. He's. Heavy hitter. I think he's a billionaire. He bought the Cleveland Browns a few years ago and his family is purchased the Columbus Crew. So the crew get good news. They're staying in Columbus and Austin will get an expansion franchise from Major League Soccer that will mean totally new team. No members of the crew will be on this team to my knowledge. I'm not sure how they do this with with expansion teams. But Austin will get an expansion team. And they plan to start playing McCallum place in twenty twenty one twenty twenty one at the new stadium. So that is good news. Phone line's always open on kale BJ radio. Did you see the story today? Sears, jeff. And I talk a lot about Sears free days to come up with one hundred thirty four million dollars to keep Sears afloat. A hundred and thirty four million dollars. And they're trying to make plans where they infused cash to the Sears where local ownership is involved. But what a mess at ears was used to be where steers is used to be where America shopped but not much anymore. All right. Let's get back to the phone lines. Got a lot of people wanna talk about that's work at Ted Cruz. Let's go to this is Bill. Hi bail. Welcome. You're on kale BJ radio. Go ahead. Bill. Yeah. I think he gotta remember why Cruz was elected. Birthplace. Well, he got he got he got really lucky because he was able to pay David Dewhurst is a liberal and that was a crock of bunk because David Dewhurst conservatives conservative. That's why I got elected. Well, he's brash. He was new it was not part of. That's the reason. People put him in there, sir, sir. You don't think he's been a part of the swamp? He's been in Washington DC since George Bush was elected. Let me continue. Yes, sir. Some Democrats elected for same time. There were all new people and they went swapped their first year. So you don't believe Ted's a member of the swampy, even though he's been in Washington for now eighteen years. Well as bender, and he's also found out a still not a very good back scratcher, it just great him really bad, and you could tell her, but he found out it doesn't matter. When you get there you have to scratch backs to get anything done at everybody. That's ever went into politics finds out the same thing, they ask you can be a mouth, you can do what you can say all kinds of stuff. But when you get there, you gotta start giving them old guys a back scratch. Well, that's called going across cramped here. You gotta go across the all and negotiate and work and do something for the country. You just can't be partisan all the time. He's not all the time. And you could tell a lot of times era in grades on him sometimes when he has to do Sav and even boat and go along with something that it's not what he's really wanted to do. And that's why he was a maverick to start with. That's kind of the reason he got voted damn. And you know, the only thing that gets me up Beto is I don't even know what he was for about three weeks. You see signs everywhere. And you're like what is it? It's a black and white sign democratic. Yeah. Yeah. It's been interesting. You know Bill, but he won't admit it. It isn't it? Interesting that in thank you for comments Bill. I don't agree with all your comments. But I thank for your perspective. But isn't it interesting? We have a race for the US Senate where a white guy has a name lacking, Hispanic Beto and an Hispanic guy changed his name to Ted in that ironic. Is it that is it that politics one zero one bed? Tell his name is Robert o Rourke from L Paso. And Ted Cruz is name is Raphael Cruz born in Canada. And moved to Texas, isn't that rich that we have in this state, isn't that great Bill? Thanks for the call very very much. I have one two eight three six zero five ninety. Let's go to Chad. Chad thank your on kale. Jagged afternoon. Chad. Hey, great job. Sometimes it's good to get a little break from. Yeah. Oh, no. No, no. We we need Jeff every every day. Go ahead. The melting pot, by the way. Hey, as far as you would go to dinner with I would go with Beto any day before jet cruise. But that doesn't mean vote for him. I don't like him because he's black on the borders. It was a liar. Even though there was no evidence. So thank thing with Trump. I hate Trump is a person, but he's putting in conservative justices and the economy seems to be doing, okay. So it's definitely not a social thing with me. I mean. Because I like somebody better doesn't mean. I'm gonna vote for it. So it's a hold your nose deal. Right. Yeah. For sure. Yeah. And let me tell you. I have a lot of people that believed exactly how you do that that Betto if you look at his record is a congressman it has been liberal because he is a liberal Democrat. That's what he is. He is what he is. And Ted is a conservative. And I think people who people are looking at that. And I think that's why Ted is up nine points. Plus, this is just a very very Republican state, but Ted has been effective in his ads that toes ads you're feeling good. Bob. Why you feel good you? See those ads with his wife and the kid you feel good. And you see a Ted ad. I saw one before I came to work was talking about the oil industry. How Beto voted to tax your industry? Voda Beto is is against fracking voted against fracking, which is a mainstay of our Texas economy. So it's it's probably. Pretty smart with the young voter. I mean, these little black and white time. But the other guy was talking about they're kind of trendy. He's probably going towards maybe they do. People that know little bit or better, conservative or the borders. They're not gonna go for that stuff. Thank you for the call chat. I appreciate it. Very much. Yes. They are opposed on the things they talk about the border. But it's just it's it's the way our country is. Democrats. Just say this. The parties in Texas are controlled by the far, right and the far left. The Democrats are controlled by the far left. He's out there. Which I don't have much in common with and the Republicans are controlled by the Dan, Patrick is the far-right. He's I don't have much in common with those guys either. I am a member of the great metal unwashed that we have in this state because it's all about the primaries in Texas if you can get through a democratic primary or you can get through a Republican primary you're going to be the candidate. I give you loopy Valdez possibly the worst candidate in the history of Texas politics, who's running for governor of Texas from the democratic side the woman who didn't pay our property taxes. The woman who lost her gun. The woman who doesn't know much of anything about issues. That's what we get. That's what Democrats get to wit. Republicans can argue they get they get candidates, and I'm not I'll just say there's a candidate out there. Who's under two indictments? And he's going to get reelected. Because he's got an RBI his name. It's nice guy, but he's been in his twice still under indictment. So it's crazy politics in Texas. Let's squeeze in one more call. Johnny wanna go to break to break. When I go to break..

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