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So maybe that's a curse if they use Tyler in there This weekend. But I think Tyler Urban has the confidence of this staff. The coaches to fill that role, maybe a little bit better than time, Montgomery did. He's pretty adept, pass catcher. Really good at running real routes and the such and like I said he takes you know the jet sweeps. The reverse handoff saw that kind of stuff. He's really, really fast, probably one of the top five fastest players on the team. And he revitalized their their punt return game last year. He's also missed a couple weeks this season with a wrist injury. So dynamic player when healthy, and I think that would probably be the most likely scenario the Packers go is used A guy like Ty Montgomery like Tyler Ervin In that scenario on Thursday, but whether it's that or using Dexter Williams or just letting Aaron Rodgers throw it 70 times, Matt LeFlore is goingto have to get creative. I was watching some of Matt Lafleur's press conference the other day where he's talking about the Koven protocols that they're going through and he didn't give a whole lot. He didn't want to designate anybody in or out, but you talk about the contact tracing they're talking about. Jamal Williams being a high risk player now because he came in contact with a J. Dillon. I'm just wondering. All of these guys have been around each other. They just played. The Minnesota Vikings just was three or four days ago, right? All of the team has been around each other. So what point do they get to that contract tracing and say, Hey, there are other players who are high risk as well and and we can't have some other guy's out in the field. Do you know what the status is of the rest of the team? Yeah, As of now, according to the reports that are out there. The only positive test was a J. Dylan So, and Jamal Williams and Kemal Martin were the only two deemed as high risk close contacts. You know, I don't know exactly how the NFL looks at it, but I heard and I shouldn't state this as fact, But I believe Kamal Martin is a J. Dylan's roommate. He's a linebacker, A J. Dolan's running back, so that would really be the only thing that makes sense to link them as close contacts are linked Jamal Martin as a high risk, close contact, and Jamal Williams, obviously in the running back room with him. It's interesting because I'm thinking the same thing as you are its A. J. Dylan's being tackled by all these Minnesota Vikings players. He's around his team in the locker room. He's around his team on the bench. He's around, you know whether it's PR staffers or team photographers. He's probably not within 6 ft of them. But this isn't something simple, or it's just like, okay, He's touched that guy. He's touched that guy. I mean, it's professional football. There's a lot of close contact, but I think what the NFL has deemed just reading between the lines as a high risk. Close contact is Prolonged. Close contact in that okay there, sitting next to each other on the bench for an entire drive, and we saw on Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings went on 10 minute drives for the entire game. Pretty much So Jamal and a J are sitting next to each other for that, And then if Kemal and a J are living together, that's in a condensed space for a prolonged period of time. So I think well, yes, it is a very, very tricky situation and it's slippery slope. I think that's the criteria they're going with. And that's why the Packers have only had two guys. In addition to a J ruled out Glad you brought the Minnesota Vikings game from last week. We saw what Dolphin Cook did three touchdowns on the ground over 200 yards from scrimmage had one in the air, too. Is this a case of just Minnesota Vikings are coming off of a by they look pretty damn good. They threw the ball 14 times last week. I think the Niners would look at this sort of game plan from the Vikings and say, that's what we need to try to do to this Packer team. We want to run the ball 35 or 37 or 40 times and throw the ball 10 or 15 times. That would mean that we've probably got a lead their old non do it. What can you tell us about the Packer defense about how they kind of just got ran all over? Last week. Yeah, they think to put it succinctly. I mean, the Packers run defenses is not good at all. It's funny because since 2015 there have been three instances in the NFL, wher one player Amasses. 200 total yards, at least and four touchdowns. One was Derrick Henry and 2018 and then the two most recent ones where Raheem Mostert in the NFC championship game and Dalvin Cook on Sunday. You know who the common opponent was in both those games the Green Bay Packers with my cut as their defensive coordinator. So it's ironic that right after Dalvin Cook runs all over them when the Packers knew what was coming, they go back to the site of said NFC Championship Game Now granted, Raheem Mostert isn't playing so I don't know if you know 186 rushing yards before contact. 2 85 total on the ground is going to happen. But the Packers run defense has been abysmal against Guys they need to be good against And the thing is the common theme in both those games made Jimmy Garoppolo throw eight times in the NFC championship game. They made Kirk cousins. They're 14 times last Sunday, and those are two quarterbacks who are fairly interception prone. It's really windy at Lambeau Field. Kirk Cousins comes in with 10 interceptions in his first six games, most in the league. And they don't make them throw 50 of his 160 passing yards, and he's only touchdown pass came on a screen pass to Dalvin Cook that cook took 50 yards for touched him, So Mike Patton and his Packer's defense are going to get more of the same. On Thursday, Matt Lafleur said. We know what the 40 Niners are going to do. The book's been written on us just running down our throat and make us stop it because we haven't proven we can yet. So it'll be interesting to see if Kyle Shanahan, who just dominated Mike Pettine twice last year. Does that again and says you haven't shown you can stop it yet. Let's see if you can stop it now. Now, from the other perspective in my producer, Brian and I were kind of joking about this before we got you on. I said, Well, you know if they're not able to run and they don't have the backfield, I'm talking about the Packers. Now at this point from an offensive standpoint. Haven't got to throw the ball. Aaron Rodgers pretty damn good. 360 yards week 1 315 again week for threw for 291 yards last week against the Vikings. He had a brilliant start to the season. I wouldn't say you slow down and all he had an M V p like start to the season, but maybe been surpassed a little bit by Russian What Patrick Mahomes air doing, But this guy is still the top of his game. I mean, I know out here there were rumors about him, maybe leaving the Green Bay Packers after they make the draft of Jordan Love. Just last offseason. What can you tell us about where Aaron Rodgers is still sort of the same salty frowny face Rogers, but he could like you up if he doesn't like what he's seeing, That's the more dangerous Aaron Rodgers is the ticked off Aaron Rodgers, isn't it? You know, he can say whatever he wants about the Jordan love pick didn't add any extra motivation. Yes, it did, And I think that's part of the reason he came out. It still is really playing really well this year..

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