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Raucous. They say on Sunday. It's the big game. If you haven't bought into being a sponsor of the Super Bowl, we can say. And I'm I'm so ready to get to the game. Because there's a lot of hot taken out there. Not of everyone's you know, one on Monday, they like the patriots and by Wednesday, the Rams and the name circle back. It's just that's the thing. With like having two weeks is there's a lot of just fill the, you know, let's talk to our sharp out in Vegas. Brandon. I think you brought this up last week that they opened the Rams the Jack the number for the patriots. Is that correct, sir? Yeah. They're they're in trouble. But they they need the Rams for their life now. And then they backed himself into a quarter because they devalued the patriots from the beginning of the playoffs. Started amid the NFC at two point favorite assuming that we were going to get the saints and the cheese. And so you get to upset the conference championship game. They can't get up at two numbers. They make the Rams minus one the whole world jumps on the patriots. Plus one pick money line, minus one minus two. They do now. Eighty percent patriot money twenty percent ram money. They can't move it to three they moved to three of the whole world's gonna jump on that three and a half by buying it up half. Now, you got gotta do three four point middle instead of losing twenty five million. They put them on the chance to six of the eight patriots SuperBowl fell on three. Now. You open yourself up to middle. Yeah. You'd get Rams money. You'll take that eighty twenty or maybe down to sixty forty but you can't risk losing eighty million versus twenty two. They're going to keep it a two and a half. They're not gonna move it. They're going to need the Rams listen guys last year, they opened up they overvalue the patriots last year that made them six made him six. Close to four and a half. They lost like fifty million last year in Super Bowl. So they they missed it this year, and they're going to need the Rams. So what happens in that situation? Brandon. The folks the guys that make the lines of let's say they really miss like maybe they did last year. Like you're predicting this year. What happens who's their boss that comes in and says you can't keep doing? How's that work? Nobody nobody universal thing with all the books. They all call each other and say, hey, where are we all agree that the numbers this because you can't you can't open it up minus one and then over on some other casino. They got they got patriots minus one you got guys. Don't try to just don't go manipulate the number. They were all in agreement. But that's the number. They needed to make it. They were all wrong may all made it six last year, and he got bet down to four and a half. So, you know, they they they mis gauge the public's perception of the Rams and the patriots. The patriots were devalued the whole playoff. They're laying less than seven in the first round playoff game. Which was the lowest number they'd late in the first round. The second round you made up. A dog for the first time in sixty seven games. So they've never believed in the patriots so far and here, they are stuck with the patriots of mind. All right. Let's what is Brandon Lang thing. Rattling says this every Super Bowl involving the patriots. They've all been one possession games. And the only patriots SuperBowl that you didn't have to sweat was if you had the giants eighteen no season because the game was never more than a four point game. Ever. You've never had to sweat it. The other seven Super Bowls you'd have the sweat right down to the patriots are five and three straight up the three and five against the spread. I am fortunate enough have dot the minefield of of the of the patriots and eight no against the spread. Yeah. I had a minus one against Seattle and got the gift of a lifetime. And yeah. Atlanta and got a bigger gift of a lifetime. So I've I've docked that minefield of being on the right side of these knuckleheads. But it still doesn't make it easy to handicap their Super Bowl, and it goes back to the same basic principle. Every time you think the front four of the Rams can get pressure without blitzing been you play the Rams yet playing because they're going to get debris raining if he doesn't have time to throw the lambs got a fighting chance. Conversely, you think Nobel check isn't going to take the run game away and say, hey, Jared Goff. I'm eleven two straight up against quarterbacks who have been in the NFL three years. Two guys have beat him. Mark Sanchez and Joe flacco what Mr. golf I'm gonna give you some stuff you've never seen. I'm going to mix up. My coverage is I'm gonna do everything. I can to force you to make slow after throw after throw per sixty minutes to beat me if Jared Goff is the one that brings down Tom Brady, if that's what you think. Listen if he plays like he did in the fourth quarter that saints game. It just might happen because he showed you their Brady. You know, what you're gonna? Get you know, what you're going to get with Tom. I mean here off the super lad thing about this guy. He lost the Super Bowl last year when he never punted over five hundred yards. Even then it took a horse in three call at their own forty two yard line down one with five minutes to go to beat this, man. He's a hard man to beat. So I would say this. If you like the Rams late Vegas bumps that number two three. And then you buy that half point for one thirty and you jump all over the ramp. If you like the patriots, you might as well Benham now that number is not going anywhere. But. Brian. What about some of the we've talked about this in the past some of the products that are out there. All these crazy things any of those. Anything were thrown a couple of bucks at or you just forget your year boiling got some good ones for you. Here. You wanna watch a little Phoenix Open action on Sunday before the Super Bowl. Justin Rose is going gonna throw up in that final round the I do. So I'm going to state Jillian Eshelman receiving yards versus Justin Rose's final round at the Phoenix. Open minus ten and a half say, for instance, rose those little sixty six on the card. I got mine at ten and a half. That means he's got to get me. Seventy seven receiving yards. Take down just a Rose's final score. Julian at my minus ten and a half. Here's another one head rap. You know, who he is negative get back guy. He stands behind Sean McVay moved him in the. The the case. Yes. They say he they say the over under how many times he gets mentioned three and a half the under its plus one thirty five they mention him early. But after that it's going to be all about the game jump all over that under three and a half plus one thirty five on the get back. I am going to get back. National anthem Gladys Knight from the AT L from Atlanta lives here, representing the AT L. It's one forty seven pink went under two or three last year. I'm telling you right now by Intel in hotlanta tells me Gladys is going to bring down the house. Let's go over one forty seven and last, but not least boys. Just remember this. The patriots are calling the coin toss. Slater's calling it for the patriots Charlie weis doing Sirius XM radio show the yesterday. I looked at charleen said any Intel he says Slater always calls head get on head the coin ready to roll. So you're in the right now, Brennan radio the last two days in up the Philadelphia to watch Super Bowl with a real good friend. And and and that's what I'll be. So I'm getting I'm getting out of dodge. But it was a great run J J J Glazer's party. Last night was unbelievable. I've never seen that many beautiful women in one place. My wife so lousy get run. All right. So Brandon one last question if you had you have one one of two options be in Vegas for Super Bowl or for the tournament for the NC double A tournament, which you taken. Tournament. College basketball fanatic. Buddy with that. Will let you go. Thanks so much. Thanks. What's? Total total yardage Justin roses. Total score. In the Phoenix Open sea follow what the hell if I am. A ways like nefarious wage you win a lot of my if you're Slater the guy who's going to call a coin toss for the for the patriots. And you've always called heads. Do not call your buddies and say look put one million dollars on tales because I'm gonna call town telling you right now. I mean, why why does it stuff like that not happen? If you're Gladys Knight. Why not call all of your family and say lumped together put ten million dollars on the over because I'm gonna hit that last note, I'm gonna I'm gonna keep holding it there and until we win. How do you not do that? I've always wondered about that too. But I guarantee if you're betting the over under on one forty seven for the national anthem. You're going to have to bet a million dollars to win a hundred or some such. But yeah, but but a guarantee is a guarantee if you can, you know, usually, you you bet a little win a lot. But if you had a guarantee in life, you'll bent a lot to win a guaranteed little, right? And don't you think that out there in Vegas, and and talking Brandon? He it goes without saying he knows stuff that we have absolutely no pulse. Beat on. He's he is found little like people have snuck into Gladys nightside practice performance. And they've got the stop watch out. There's guys in there sweeping the floors right now, they watch. Exactly. And let's talk to about it. Haley talking about those wacky prop beds. Yeah. Yeah. I want a lot of money years ago on profits. I had there will be a special teams score. And I had the bears which core. I Indianapolis would win the game. And rocky helped me when to don't remind me that first one special teams score master returns kick off. I'd a nice view of that, by the way. Reminding alley. Yeah. I remember that play. Come on. Whole week. 'cause I'm like that you, you know, the main special teams guys in the all the reporters. Oh, yeah. We got a great plan. We're going to do this. And we can't let Devin Hester beat us at boot opening kick. Right. Yeah. Have you don't remember this? And you don't remember Devin Hester, Devin Hester was a beast. I mean, the grace kick returner Volta probably. Yeah. Yes. Career touchdown return. Only thirteen some some opening kickoff. Dawn. Did you touch them? No. I was I was what's called our threes. I was the third guy from the right, and he kind of came up the middle. I mean. What's his name? Taiwan Hagler was kind of there. But then also Marlin Jackson had him dead to rights tackled on the eighteen yard line and just kinda slept in. Gave him a little you L to and just gone. Just like that. It's a Sal easy to happen. Like a blanket. And then just goes that happens how quickly ten twenty seconds guy like that. It's just his his his vision acceleration were just uncanny. When do you say to yourself? Oh. You're kind of coming across you seem away your I mean, I myself I cannot believe that that this just happened. I cannot believe guy flashed my of a flash of my dad saying, I can't believe. House..

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