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Eight four four three zero five seven eight zero zero daisy is going to give us well, eventually she's going to give us a little animals sound, and if you can identify that sound you're going to be a win something. But. I'm going to do compliments, of course, from before we get into the other stuff, I'm going to do this. It's marvel studios. The Black Panther had has come out on Blu Ray DVD. So you can find it in your stores. There's a lot of bonus extras on it. One of the best superhero movies of the century. Actually, I said it's made over one point three billion dollars more than that actually across the world a global. And it basically follows after tragedy forces young prince, she t- Chela to assume what is thrown he is forced with the ultimate test. Putting the fate of his country and the entire world at risk. This is your trivia question. If you get it right compliments from marvel studios, Disney, you're gonna get the Black Panther Blu Ray, which I can tell you you want because everybody loves this movie. This is your question trivia, not a tough one who is the leading star in the movie, what is his real name. He actually pay plays that teach Allah. So what is his name? This actually catapulted him into fame this movie. And if you know what his name is give us a call at eight four four three zero five seven eight zero zero eight four four three O five seventy eight hundred and compliments of marvel studios, and Disney and all you're going to get this movie, and it is the Black Panther. So give us a call eight four four three O five seven eight zero zero rated PG thirteen and it's coming out to you. It runs about one hundred and thirty four minutes, and it is the by panther. So what is the actor's name the lead actor the one that plays or it becomes basically the king? So what's his name? Give us a call. And this is your blue. I'm holding it up. If you're watching us on Facebook live at talkin pets radio. And this is your Blu Ray. That you're going to get. If you answered that question correctly, eight four four three zero five seven eight zero zero eight four four three zero five seventy eight hundred that is the number to call. If you know who the actor's name is that stars in Black Panther eight four four three zero five seventy eight hundred. I know you're appalled that story. You did on the raccoon and the teacher awful. So what's your thoughts on it? Well, it well, you know, like, I said earlier, we were discussing, you know, if you hit something on the road and people who collected roadkill, but if you hit something that was you know, it was dying. It's humane to to put them out of their misery to take something and deliberately drowned it is cruel and it's intentional. And I think it's criminal behavior at that's I mean how I feel. I'm thinking it's a lot of other people that feel the same way that I do it's when he could have contacted the state, and they would have taken them and youth Anais them at no cost. It would have been done humanely. And it would have been that. They consider it. Humane to give it a single shot to the head, which I do agree with an circumstances. But you don't do that in front of your classroom of teenagers. That's just ridiculous. So I think the whole thing was completely poor judgment on his his part. And he deserves to be fired. And he deserves criminal action. I think it's wrong. But he's he retired. Held accountable by two other organizations the school district can no longer go after him because he retired. But the other two organizations can go after him. Well, we'll see how that turns out. I think we're on the same page in studio here. That's just wrong. I wouldn't do that to a, you know, a squirrel or anything like that. I mean, God that's awful. You know, the the thing about that too. Is that you know, I'm gonna take it down a little bit of a different road. But if the person gets pleasure out of doing something like that. There's definitely something wrong. Right. And I'm curious like with some of these people in our hearts, go out to everybody in Texas that you know, those kids and the teacher were killed to their families and their friends and all. But they need your report people like this. I get seventeen year old. Boy, I mean, how does somebody not know that he's got some strange behaviors? But a lot of times Jeffrey Dahmer Sonal Sam Ted Bundy, they were all animal abusers. So if you see this kid or any maybe the teacher is an animal abuser. Getting pleasure out of that. That's when they move on when they're done with it. And they don't get any more pleasure out of animals. And he used to say that that didn't affect any or one or few of his students to pushing them over the brink for something that they were going. Oh, well, that's okay. The teacher did it now. I can do it. Right. And that that really heavily bothers me a lot. So. Yeah, it's it's wrong on so many levels. I can't even get there because I could go on for a long time with that. Considering his movie made one point three billion dollars. I'm surprised nobody knows the actor's name. Give us a call eight four four three zero five seven eight zero zero the lead actor in Black Panther for marvel studios. Who is it? What is his name? He played teach Allah, and he became king. But what is his name his real name is actor's name. What is it? If you know his name, look it up on Google, and you're going to get the Black Panther movie from marvel studios. Did you have a sound that you can play for us? I do I do. I do. I know we're going out to a bricks, right? Yeah. Okay. If you can identify that sound compliments from our new sponsor from Opie and Dixie we are going to send out to you the organic pom-pom for your dogs. The heat is on and they need it further pads of their feet. So give us a call. If you know, what animal that is common compliments from open Dixie, you're going to get the organic Pau bomb, and you basically wipe it on the bottom of your dog's feet, and it will help they're cracking in their sore feet when they're walking on hot pavements pick up the phone. Give us a call eight four four three zero five seventy eight hundred eight four four three zero five seven eight zero zero. We want to talk to you. So you got two choices you can name that animal. I don't think that one was that tough, but you can name that animal, and you get the Paul bomb from Opie and Dixie and check them out at doping Dixie dot com. And if you know the actor's name the lead actor in Black Panther, you're gonna get the Blu Ray of the movie compliments for marvel studios..

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