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And so that's why i would rather listen to a guy like jim rodgers or guide i james records are some other people we have on our program here because if you hit bad financial advice as your polluting him biggest asset which is your brain so that way colors of the rich dead radio procam anytime anywhere on i tunes or android nicolas this program again at rich dad art dot com we archive all right programs have rich dead radiocom because if you listen to those program again you'll be twice a smart but more importantly shirt with friends family buzzes assaults in and discuss it because jam is calling like i'm calling and many other guys are calling for the us crash in world history coming is the end of the hegemony of the us dollar and there's going to be ups and downs strengths and weaknesses but like it or not it's going to change and i made so many people's awhile while america's been strong up to now yes but that's ending as gem said like because he lives in singapore now he's in america but he wants to be close to china i was in china last week they've veroni past us you know bitcoin isn't even an issue there you know they're already down the road technologically why are gone down the road and you know they they have a huge class differences they have problems they have huge balanced in of they have huge problems but they're actually moving forward it's a dictatorship so they can get more done they don't need to ask permission of those set out of the house and all these guys in of the sky g just says do it we do it.

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