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Ben Sasse. The Washington Post this morning reports by and Gary and Mike DeBonis calls intensify to remove Trump from office, even as he acknowledges a new administration. President Trump promised to smooth transition in a video message, which I've already played for you this morning posted on Twitter Thursday night, saying that his supporters and pursued post election challenges in good faith. But now quote tempers must be cooled and calm restored. Trump's comments that the closest he has come to acknowledging his loss, and they follow escalating calls for his removal coming hours after the nation's top congressional Democrats demanded he be removed from office for his role. In the deadly sacking of the U. S capitol by a pro trump mob. I've already told you that late last night. Remember the Capitol Police died? I'm joined now by Senator Sasse. Good morning, Senator. Good morning here. What is your assessment of the president's intention and his culpability for the insurrectionists in the writer's breaking into the capital and murdering a capital policeman? Well, the people's capital, which is obviously the greatest symbol around the world of freedom and liberty and self government. There's pulling all over the world that the dome of the Capitol is literally the most identifiable symbol of freedom. It was ransacked by mob that was incited by the president. United States while blood was actually being shed in the capital, and I was in the Senate chamber, and the Secret Service was trying to rush, the vice president to safety. Those exact moments. The president is tweeted rage tweeting against the vice president. Why? Because Mike, because vice president Pence had the audacity of fulfill his oath of office to the Constitution. The big deal lives have consequences. No, I'm curious about the word in sight. It has a legal meeting. I know you're not a lawyer, but in sight means to act with the purposeful intention to cause. That's why I asked you the question I did. Do you think he intended the mob to break into the Congress? You are right that I am not a lawyer, so they're 5 15 sub definitions of insight. But the president had a rally hours before this happened, where he's telling them to go to the capital and to go wild. It's a part of a pattern. The guy is addicted to division this. This is a deep broken this in his soul. You and I've talked about it multiple times. Donald Trump is a guy who who hurts and I hurt for him at an anthropological on a human level, but it a level of his oath of office to the Constitution. The duty of the president. United States is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, and the president is addicted to social media and to television and to division and he's been lying to the American people for eight straight weeks and planned it long before No matter what was happening in any state, he was going to say the election was being stolen and the people needed to rise up. So, senator and thing, he said repeatedly to go wild when you get to the capital, and when they went to the capital, and someone well known to be clear here, there's 30,000 people here. The vast majority of them are honorable, freedom loving people, the vast majority of them. But not all of them, do you? I got to land the plane there. Senator. Do you think he intended for the riot in the occupation? The insurrection to happen. I think Donald Trump wanted there to be massive division and he was telling people that was a path by which he was going to stay in office after January 20th. That was never true, and he wanted chaos on television. I don't have any idea what's it what was in his heart about what he wanted to happen? One stay. We're in the capital, but he wanted there to be chaos. And I'm sure you've also had conversations with other senior White House officials as I have Have as this was unfolding on television. Donald Trump was walking around the White House confused about why other people on his team weren't as excited as he was, as you had rioters pushing against capital police trying to get into the building. That's that is happening. He was delighted. That said, should he be impeached and removed? I think that there are a lot of questions that we need to get to the bottom of about why the National Guard was not deployed. Why was it delayed? So that's what I've been working on last night, and this morning. I want understand more about why the National Guard wasn't deployed when there had been clear calls for it. And then why that delay happens. So there are more things that I need, Toder stand before I get to a conclusory judgment about that. But I think that the question of was the president derelict in his duty. That's not an open question. He was now you know that the history of the Roman Revolution from 60 be CTO Augustus Caesar is a Progressive cycle of generations away from the norm. A rushed impeachment would be yet another interational away from the norm. Would that not itself be terribly damaging? So I think you raise a really good point. And it's why I think there's a distinction between the objective question of was the president derelict and the Prudential judgment of what is the best way to take America forward Donald Trump's not going to be in office. In 13 14 days. Whatever the right count is, I don't care much again and at a human level, you know, I've built a relationship with the president as we had to work together over the last four years, and I'm I'm sad for much of who Donald Trump is. Um But I don't really care at the level of American constitutional health where Donald Trump is in 2023. I do care a lot about where the American people are. And there are many, many, many great Americans who voted for Donald Trump. Because they didn't like the alternatives. They didn't like Hillary Clinton in 2016. They didn't like the failure of so many. Not all but so many in the Democratic Party to push back against Docs agenda to drive the Democratic Party party further the left so I understand and vote for Donald Trump. But I understand why lots of people did in my state and across the country. And what I want us to be doing is moving forward with 85, 90 and 95% of the people wanting to Reince reaffirm a constitutional system of checks and balances where you don't have the article to leader trying to incite action against the article one branch and the people sounds and so I'm with you that the prudential questions about what's good for the American people in 2023 2033. Those should be the most important questions right now. Do you want members of the Cabinet to resign in protest? And if so, who? I would say that I've had conversations for four years straight well with members of the Cabinet who see behavior that they regard as is not just morally disgusting, though, that but just totally confusing. About an adult who's supposed to be shepherding this great gift that we've inherited as the constitutional system that we pass it on to our kids and many people. That's my advice over 3.5 years. About whether that they should stay or resign. Typically, my advice has been to stay that the administration has done many, many wonderful things. You and I have talked about it. Some of the things that Mike Pompeo has been doing over the course of the last couple of years really, exceptionally good work. And so there are a number of members of the cabinet who've done good work at the level of policy implementation on dear Been a lot of people in the senior White House staff and in the Cabinet. You've also done very good work. In restraining some moments when Donald Trump was inclined to do some really crazy stuff on DSA. So in general, I've urged people to stay on. Do try to do the best they can. You're not serving the man. You're serving the American people by serving that office. Right now. I have a couple of other conversations going, so I don't want to discuss those in this context. But in general, my advice has been two people to stay and serve the American people through their calling. Sit in that office again when you work. When you take an oath of office is a cabinet official. You're taking the oath? Not to a man. You know the crap..

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