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I'm gonna take as pick. The steelers plus the points at the patriots. I think it's low scoring. I like both defenses here. I think the steelers really upgraded defensively in the off season. Devin bush could be rookie of the year defensively. He looks at good. Here's here's the other thing <hes> new england. Nicole harry's not playing element miss camp damore is thomas camp. Josh gordon got in late. They've got a rookie wide receiver know chris hogan and gronk. I think new england will be fine but i think offensively they'll be choppy early and more run dominant. I don't think this'll be an explosive offense and i. I think pittsburgh's defense is good. I don't know if the steelers win but i know this. These are really athletic. Defense is that i think got better through free agency agency in the draft and i'm betting number. I'll take pittsburgh in the points agreement and i hate betting against ballot check. I mean year after year. There's one coach and we talked about. Zimmer has done so well in general but this is a different question which is which teams over performed their statistics because the math guys believe that the numbers the yardage and all the different analytics will tell you the score maybe not in a given game but over the course of a season he's in multiple seasons. Thus you gotta focus. If you're the team on those stats which will result in points and then wins ballot check in a patch or the only team the befuddle those statistics that they over perform their stats every year and no one really understands why because if we did we would incorporate cooperate those numbers into the stats ballot. Check understand things we don't. I think most smart people realize that right. This is a true genius football. It feels like he's exploiting away to tomlin. Maybe the most <hes> over the years. I gotta tell you though call and i was with you with the anti-roma steelers fan so you know it kind of makes sense. Oh you don't like the coaches much much as you sure because you're fan boy this antonio brown stuff tomlin's looking better and batteries right. How did he keep it under wraps exactly exactly so in a weird way makes me like pittsburgh a little bit more. You talked about the defense yeah bush great addition. I think it was a lot of young talent. It's just getting a year ear batter. They got they got hayden signed up which again how many years ago but this year he's still mighty good corner some feel good. What about all that. I think the thing you said..

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