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Way they would route to look the routinely attack and maybe you have the same situation in schools the whole conceal and carry thing is no one's going to act out because they're afraid of getting shot so that's kind of what he's saying if teachers are armed and you have you now in the science wing there's a teacher that you don't know who it is but they have a gun in the english weighing in the typing haller keyboard ing hall that this person will not come in and shoot up the school if they know they're going to get killed if they've come to that point they they probably expect to be kill somebody out the the listening session yesterday said almost that word for word they said they they're belief is there just go to shoot later vedeno's care out of it yeah so oh i don't know that that's a deterrent were at three ones who ninety one seventy two hundred may be her the president the status yesterday or maybe you're hearing for the first time today he is is that the answer all i don't mind guides the school that would make more sense to me show some presence outside that there's an armed guard there what was the school the one of the schools that had a shooting incident had armed guards and it didn't make a bit of difference eyeglass because on earth too many to keep track courage wore why are there i mean listen i guess this is going to be people are going to go against ram saying here but why arthur metal detectors at schools poll there are a lot of cases now but sir was it my daughter school there were metal detectors that in a shooting incident that they were going to a metal matter this school or this kid what an when the gotten in what the guns while it is there was an explanation yesterday ca somebody said why why were the doors opened why with the doors unlocked and apparently the school's policy was 10 minutes or twenty minutes at our member before the end of the school day they unlock the doors and the.

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